Venus in Gemini

If you have Venus in Gemini, in matters of love and romance, a person’s sense of humor, intellect, and communication skills attract you more than their physical appearance. You desire a partner who is mentally stimulating, curious, one who can challenge your mind, and keeps you from getting bored. Relationships where talking, sharing ideas, going places, and learning new things together are highly preferred and needed. You need a lot of social stimulation and can be a bit of a flirt. Jealous and possessive partners turn you off.

You are charming, friendly, and enjoy meeting new people. You can be fickle in matters of love and may have a tendency to desire more than one love interest at a time. You enjoy the fun and excitement of love, yet may fear its obligations. Your feelings can be well expressed through speaking, through writing or poetry, or perhaps through art where you get a chance to work with your hands. Your emotions are ruled by your mind and you may prefer intellectualizing your feelings. If Venus if poorly aspected, your breathing may be shallow and there may be poor oxygenation of the blood.

With Venus in Gemini you’re charming, witty and friendly: an entertaining companion who loves to communicate and have deep, searching conversations. You could probably learn some constancy and depth in relationships, however, for you tend to have many short ones, some of which may even occur simultaneously. You do have strong ties with your relatives. You’re light, airy, not too domestic, enjoy change and variety, and, unless you have personal planets in Taurus, Leo or Scorpio, have a tendency to think your feelings rather than to feel them. Often on the move, you have many different friends and places to visit.

Planets in Gemini