Sun in Gemini

Gemini natives are friendly, clever, talkative, versatile, curious, perceptive, intuitive, and logical. At times they can also be quite contradictory, restless, two-faced, critical, and impatient. Gemini people enjoy and need work that includes a great deal of variety. They love to do several things all at the same time, sometimes making them late for appointments. They abhor boredom. Gemini natives tend to flit from one experience to another, gathering in all types of information along the way, but seldom getting to the depth of any subject. They go broad and not deep. Persistence is not their strong suit.

Gaining knowledge and disseminating it is their real talent. Hence, they make wonderful salespeople or teachers if they stick around long enough to get all the facts instead of only half the story. Even if they do not possess all the facts, since they are never at a loss for words, they will continue with their story as if they did have all the facts. It is important for a Gemini natives to seek intellectual satisfaction. Mental stagnation turns them off, so they read extensively and communicate widely in order to satisfy this longing for mental stimulation. This discontent can make them either very ambitious, or it can incline them to jump from one thing to another, searching for the greener grass which never appears.

Gemini natives usually think quickly on their feet and have the ability to use the right words in any situation. They possess tremendous wit and a good sense of humor. Other people may have difficulty in keeping up with their rapid change of subjects. Because Gemini natives think so quickly, they often finish other people’s sentences for them. This can be most frustrating for the person trying to express their own thoughts. There is a need to learn how to control the tongue and allow slower people to express their own opinions and ideas.

Since Gemini natives have the capacity to see both sides of any issue, they may fluctuate back and forth between opposing viewpoints. They will usually tend to side with the opinion of whomever they happen to be with at the moment. Then they change as the circumstances change. Indecisiveness is a problem for Gemini natives. Gemini natives are usually emotionally detached. They use their minds rather than their hearts to find their way through things. Logic and reason are their guidelines. They are able to understand what makes other people behave as they do, but they have difficulty in projecting themselves into the emotional reactions of the person involved.

Some of the negative traits that Gemini natives possess are lack of concentration and focus, undependability, fickleness, indecisiveness, superficiality, wishful thinking, and dreaminess. They can also be pretty good at nagging. Gemini natives need to work on getting their mind under control. Their nervous system is highly strung. If they don’t learn to control their nerves, they are apt to become ill. The way out of this difficulty is to take the emphasis off themselves and lose it through service to others. Above all, the Gemini needs to learn to channel (control) their energy and mind.

Gemini is Mutable Air, and its keyword is "I think". Symbolized by the twins Castor and Pollux (one heavenly, one of the Earth), Gemini rules the conscious mind, and represents the duality and law of opposites in all things. You are the butterfly of the Zodiac, flitting from one experience to another, sometimes staying only on the surface and lacking in depth. Gemini is called "the monkey sign" in the orient, where it mimics, copies and collects "the ten thousand things" of life. Its opposite sign, Sagittarius, expands on the ten thousand things, spinning stories and philosophies from the collected data. Neither sign of this polarity is complete without the other. Sagittarius needs the data of Gemini, and Gemini needs the reason for collecting the data in the first place, the larger picture of Sagittarius. Together they’re the clowns of the zodiac.

You are centered on thoughts, words, communication, and the pursuit of intellectual stimulation. Friendly, clever and witty, you like almost everyone and could sell him or her something as well. You’d make a good teacher, writer or reporter, and need a job where you can move about and associate with others. Variation, flexibility, and freedom in relationships are important to you. In the body Gemini rules the nervous system, arms, hands, shoulders and lungs.

Planets in Gemini