Pluto in Gemini

Pluto in Gemini portends a deep, penetrating mind capable of unfailing focus. This placement suggests difficulty or obstacles when dealing with paperwork. There could be much paperwork associated with last wills and testaments, death, taxes and insurance. This is an excellent position for research and the researcher.

Gemini is an intellectual, mutable Air sign and Pluto’s presence here impacts enormously on the communication of an individual. Pluto’s influence on either the Sun or Moon sign in Gemini or Pluto in that sign at birth, will assert themselves intellectually. Unless the softer, aesthetic influences of other planets are involved, bombastic, egotistical and even deceptive characters are born during this transit. Scientists, great public speakers and debaters or explorers under Pluto’s movement in Gemini.

This was a period in history when scientists like Alexander Graham Bell, Nicholas Tessler, Marconi, Baird and Thomas Edison pushed forward with their inventions of electricity and communication devices such as wireless, radio, television and telephone. New transportation such as cars and planes also revolutionized the way societies interacted with each other.

Planets in Gemini