Jupiter in Gemini

If you have Jupiter in Gemini, you are clever, witty, and cheerful. You love traveling because of the knowledge you gain from your experiences and the people you meet. There may be a natural talent for learning and speaking foreign languages. Excessive nervous energy may lead to agitated speech or in the tendency to talk too much or promise more than you can deliver. There can be literary ability of a marked degree. Your mind is inventive, with a love of mathematics or other abstract subjects, along with the ability to understand them. You are constantly looking for those things in life which will expand your horizons and your own mental outlook or philosophy of life. Various religions or aspects of law may interest you mentally.

Jupiter rules the opposite sign Sagittarius, so in Gemini its ability to synthesize and make stories out of the 10,000 things of the world is limited by the things themselves. With your Jupiter in Gemini you tend to use your studies and travels to broaden your mind through the addition of facts, rather than to develop depth or wisdom by synthesizing those facts into some comprehensive structure or philosophy. Your judgment may be impaired due to being scattered and unfocused. If Jupiter is unafflicted, you’re apt to be carefree and happy. If afflicted, your worldview is prone to be self-centered, and you’ll often speak hastily and without forethought. You’d do well in selling, communication, reporting, advertising, teaching or travel.

Planets in Gemini