Gemini in Marriage

Things have got to be really messed up in order that you may panic and want to find escape from a marriage; because that’s how good you really are at making relationships work. And it’s not just one or two talents, your whole personality is made for it. You are good at forming a rapport with the other person, and making him/her tell his/her feelings without any kind of fear or shyness. They can sort out almost any issue just by talking with the partner. And this is also because of their impeccable level of understanding. The can without difficulty relate someone else’s point of view with their own. The only problem is that sometimes all they need to do is listen, but instead they listen out, make their own argument and present it in such a way that the other person is completely made to change his/her stand.

You are naturally enthusiastic about stuff and have the knack of taking things on a light note. This is what makes you look a lot younger and energetic than you really are and makes you very popular among individuals of the other sex. This ability of yours of making every moment of your companion a very enjoyable and memorable one takes you places and allows you to have experiences that you never thought possible.

So you will do a lot with your life. But sometimes it’s necessary to just cool down and enjoy the quieter moments of life, when there is nothing much happening to fulfil your spirit, but there is still juice in the moment which can be absorbed only if you are ready to accept the occasion for what it is. The point I’m trying to make is that you are like a tourist all the time willing to go new places, meet new people and know new things just for the excitement, but what you are missing is the real feel associated with being in that place, and being with those people. Sacrificing emotional and spiritual moments for physical and intellectual satisfaction is not prudent according to me. Another important thing to remember is that Geminians stand for equality in a marriage at all levels, so they might not always be happy with their role – they might wanna swap portfolios with their partners. And there’s nothing wrong with it; if nothing else, it will just bring a change in life and make one understand the other more.

Gemini Male as a Husband

Who is that man on the run, waving his hands in the air, talking to someone on his cell phone while addressing a group of followers? It’s Gemini Man, of course. This man is convinced that it’s harder to hit a moving target - a philosophy that works as well for his business life as it does for his love life. The best way to capture the heart of Mr Gemini, is to keep him at a distance too: he is particularly attracted to passionate and emotionally complex women, yet he cannot take angry scenes and copious tears. You see, he is difficult. There are, at least two men within every Gemini - Mr Nice Guy and Mr Ice Guy - this man will freeze you out when he’s upset, angry or moving on. Still interested? Well, no surprise there, because the Gemini can be the most fascinating, boyish and charming man in the zodiac.

Gemini Female as a Wife

A man who marries a Gemini will live with a different woman each day. A Gemini wife will have multiple personalities to amuse any man. Her vivacious personality can win many hearts. Don’t expect her not to get impressed by various men. She will find something incredible in every man she meets. It is difficult to tie her down with the strings of matrimony. A Gemini woman will never waste her time too much on broken relationships. She embraces changes with a lot of ease. She craves for romance and love as much as any woman does. She will appreciate your little gestures of affection. She will be a great hostess, entertaining her guests with her amusing talks. Jealousy is not in her nature and she expects the same of her man. Her mood swings can startle her partner a bit. She will share her desires, dreams and hopes with her man. Only a lucky man can spend his entire life with this lively companion.

Gemini Love Compatibility