Gemini Man and Sagittarius Woman

Both Gemini and Sagittarius are freedom loving and great conversationalists. They both inspire each other and strike a balance in any relationship they have. Also both of them learn a lot from each other and share common liking for good humor and fun in life. But to make things work nicely they both have to give up the pseudo-righteous behavior.

Gemini people are the creatures of change. They like to wander about from idea to idea giving them a different personality at the drop of a hat. Being intellectual and quite manipulative with words puts them into the outgoing category as well as being extremely creative. With such qualities, Gemini would make a good con artist as well as an amazing creative artist or a musician, a teacher, scientist, or mastermind. Their wit and way with words allows them to change into basically anything they want to be. But, whatever that is, they want to control mentally while giving out leadership to others. Their souls are like a mere child, letting go too quickly or holding on too lightly at times. They wander about looking for the next best thing.

Sagittarius are outgoing and boisterous people and also great conversationalists in most instances yet not quite a creature of persuasion like the Gemini. They often tend to put their foot in their mouth, not thinking before they bluntly speak the truth and hurt people. They are very honest and cheerful folks who can blaze in fire of enthusiasm and make everyone around them excited. They know their goals well and directions to achieve them as well. Sagittarius are capable of giving an impressive quantity of love and affection and yet they prefer to give it most when it is not expected or required. Sagittarius who are not so loud and extroverted are somewhat drawn back, timid but still as pushy and blunt with their opinions.

Gemini Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Sagittarius is a fire sign and brings plenty of passion to this partnership. Gemini is not so physically ardent, but will adore the Adventurer’s attention and will be delighted to experiment, keeping this couple’s sex life fresh and alive. This “newness” is vital to Sagittarius, and Gemini compatibility works better with constant renewal too. Air signs and fire sign generally are a good match for one another, but usually the fire sign needs the air sign more than the other way round. Here, Sagittarius does need Gemini in order to understand that there are two sides to every story – but uniquely, Gemini needs Sagittarius just as much, to help give focus and direction to Gemini’s scattered energies. The strongest of all air and fire sign couples, this is a big boost to Gemini and Sagittarius compatibility prospects.

Sagittarius and Gemini are both quite frank in their opinions. They also share a common grace, wisdom, intellect, honesty and a child like heart. Even with all of the qualities they both share, the differences in Sagittarius and Gemini create envy in each of them. Sagittarius with their high ethics, their affection and eagerness coupled with an honest nature and high incentive can smother Gemini if not careful and Gemini with their laid back attitudes, their charm, dexterity and art of conversation, knowing what to say and when to say it can manipulate Sagittarius into things they would never fathom doing if it weren’t for Gemini’s poke in that direction. In going head to head, Gemini and Sagittarius have a lot going for each one of them; however Gemini’s use of sarcasm and Sagittarius’ lack thereof gives Gemini the upper hand.

Between Sagittarius and Gemini, if they choose to get along, they learn from each other and strengthen themselves as well as their relationship both mentally and spiritually. Otherwise, they can envy and be apprehensive toward each other, putting each other down and trying to out do one another. They would make a strong team if only they work together but what they lack is what, that causes the down falls. Although brilliant, they are not dependable or stable. They may have the mind of an intellect, but they don’t have the veracity to follow a good idea through to the end. One could compare Gemini’s idea or a project started by Sagittarius to a shooting star. It burns brightly for a short period of time, showing off its brilliance but shortly after fizzles out to nothing. Even the more laid back and timid Sagittarius and Gemini are not quiet when together.

Gemini and Sagittarius share a very lively relationship and learn a lot from their experiences with each other. If they are friends, colleagues or siblings they can share many common interest and discover many new things together with enthusiastic conversations and intellectual talks. There is a lot they can appreciate about each other and can inspire each other to do. Commercial tie-ups can be a risk with Gemini and Sagittarius working together as they both are less practical and quite extravagant. A love connection sounds well when these two sun signs get together because they understand each other’s basic needs. If Gemini becomes a little more passionate and Sagittarian becomes polite then they can even have a long-term relation. With Gemini and Sagittarius as parents, it is a very lively atmosphere for the little ones to learn and discover many new things.

The fun loving duo of Gemini and Sagittarian also has some bumpy roads to take over in their relationships. Sagittarius may cut the Gemini down with their blunt opinions hurting them and making them argumentative, but Gemini beats out Sagittarius in the long run with their high sense of intellect and manipulative verbiage and smoothness, twisting the Sagittarius. Gemini may also find Sagittarius forcing them with their opinions, restricting their freedom of actions and thoughts. While Sagittarius may find Gemini eluding them with their sweet talks, which forces them to run away from Gemini. If Gemini and Sagittarius can work together in harmony they can find that they can have an entertaining and quite fun relationship. One is able to help the other in tough situations rather than trying to outdo them. Through good communication they are able to express themselves on a more positive note creating somewhat of a private language only they can understand.

Marriage Between Gemini Man and Sagittarius Woman

When a Gemini male gets married to a Sagittarius female, they are able to create a successful association. She is completely taken over by his charming persona and impressive way of talking. They both are great conversationalists and she admires his imagination and creativity which he puts into their conversation. Even when they fall into some arguments, it brings out the passionate side of their personality which helps them deepen their love. He teaches her to bring out the best in her personality by making her a more confident woman. They enjoy each other’s company with a hint of closeness and intimacy. The level of support and care they both offer each other is truly amazing. Respect for each other makes their marriage more beautiful and they are able to nurture and nourish their relation with love and affection.

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