Dating a Gemini Man

Getting together with the Gemini man will be a challenge, for sometimes it feels as if you are dating two different people. Symbolized in astrology by the Twins, he changes moods very quickly. His active lifestyle may leave you reeling, but if you can keep up with him he’ll take you far! Find out what it means to date a Gemini man! Because the Gemini male is often in the middle of a large social circle, you will have to make quite a first impression to catch the attention of the flighty Gemini man. He is bright and vivacious and often has many admirers, so you will have to stand out in some way.

Talk to others, offering stories of adventure or intrigue, and he will eventually make his way to you. Keep him engaged in lively conversation on your first few dates and he will be hooked. Make sure it never turns into idle chatter though, for he is knowledgeable about many topics. The Gemini guy is often well-traveled with many tales to tell, so ask a lot of questions about his journeys. And if he doesn’t ask you out on a date, ask him instead, and he will most likely accept. He loves meeting new people and experiencing new things, so on the first date try to go somewhere he’s never been before. He’ll appreciate your creative idea and want to see more of what you have to offer when it comes to dating.

Gemini Man In Relationships

Don’t expect this to be an all-consuming courtship, for he just isn’t that intense. The Gemini male is so busy that you will only see him when his time permits. It’s not unusual for him to have a handful of things going on in one day, so you’ll have to be patient with his lifestyle.

And since he’s always on the go, it would be best if you could take some time to travel with him. He loves having a partner on his journeys with whom he shares excellent love compatibility and this is the best way to get to know him. And you will see all of the sides of this zodiac sign very quickly for he shifts his thoughts and feelings quite often.

It will take a lot to keep up with his changing moods and avoid a breakup. You’ll have to adapt to the situation as fast as he does. But it’s never a dull moment in this relationship, so if it’s excitement you want you’ll find it with him.


And this is probably true of other areas in the relationship, for Gemini men are not as stable as other men. Try to appeal to his multi-tasking nature and help to keep him on task, and he’ll be immensely helpful in getting things done.

Just don’t force things on him, for that will make him want to flee even more. But if you’re his true love, he will want to take you to the moon and stars. Try these dating tips and see how your relationship shoots up!

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