Gemini March 2022 Horoscope

Gemini: Astral Climate for March 2022

Whether it's on a professional or private level, you're not ready to settle for anything less in March. You aspire to achieve your ambitions and, until the 20th, you will take center stage to impose yourself. If your expectations are legitimate, make sure you put your best foot forward rather than rushing headlong towards your goals. It is better to rally support than to arouse an ambush of adversity.

Gemini: Mood for March 2022

Nothing stops you; you have the strength to achieve your goals by showing that you are the right person, no matter what obstacles you encounter. An aura of winning plays in your favor. Jupiter favors your ascension. Enthusiastic, determined, you are in an excellent position to succeed in your endeavors. Don't overdo it. At the risk of attracting unnecessary enmity, stay modest. Rely on your ability to evolve to transform your life. You currently have the means and the desire to do so.

Gemini: Love for March 2022

Venus invites you to raise your standards. You want to develop your current relationship or find the person who will satisfy your desire to live a beautiful story. From the 20th onwards, you are looking to the future and carrying out a project that is close to your heart. The sky is shining on you. Stay open to dialogue, don't impose your wishes on someone who doesn't appreciate them, don't provoke a conflict, even if your relationship takes a passionate turn. In search of an ideal, you aspire to merge with the other person and transform your stories so that they resemble what you hope for.

Gemini: Money for March 2022

If your goal doesn't seem to be financial in March, you are in an excellent position to claim the reward for your efforts from those who distribute the money. You are rewarded for your efforts and rise in rank with a raise, but avoid thinking you are stronger than others. More than fortune, it is an ideal that you wish to reach: a transformation (personal, relational) to be carried out. Wait for Jupiter to move on to more tangible things.

Gemini: Work for March 2022

You work with drive, determination, and the ambition to excel. You spare no effort in imposing your ideas and methods. You use your charm to persuade your superiors that you are up to their expectations. From the 20th onwards, it's time for big projects. You have significant cosmic advantages to impose yourself on a hierarchy that appreciates your talents but is less fond of your abuse of authority than it sees as arrogance. You aspire to realize a dream, to serve a cause, and you invest yourself with ardor in the pursuit of your objectives with the help of Jupiter, who favors your ascension.

Gemini: Leisure for March 2022

If you have energy left to spend in March, take up a challenge that will exalt your taste for risk. A trek to Nepal, skateboarding, or a sustained jog, anything that involves risk. To avoid any overload, let off steam in a sporting activity that allows you to evacuate the overflow without taking too many risks. Sometimes dreamy, sometimes passionate, between the fire of passion in love and an ideal that becomes attainable at work, you have no time to be bored.

Gemini: Key dates for March 2022

- On the 3rd, you are bubbling inside and hope to achieve your goals or an ideal that inspires you. You have the means to do so.
- On the 5th, you may showcase your talents. This is the time to shine.
- On the 17th, through dialogue, you make the most impact.
- On the 19th, don't ask too much of the other person who doesn't appreciate the pressure.
- On the 22nd, your thirst for power and ambitions do not dictate the correct behavior to adopt in society. Beware of the fallout.

Gemini: Advice for March 2022

Nothing will disturb your evolution this month. Take advantage of it to move forward and make a mark. If the situation favors your ascent to the top, beware of too much self-confidence, which could get you into trouble, especially critics. You have many assets to accelerate the movement and make your situation evolve (professional, emotional). This is the time to aim for the realization of a deep aspiration.

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