Gemini March 2021 Horoscope

A superb energy and a focus on your socio-professional destiny! The Sun in Pisces until the 20th accompanied by Venus until the 21st in your career sector, invites you to put in value and to dare! Mercury, your planet, until the 15th in Aquarius and Jupiter and Saturn well connected to your sign, promote your ideal of life and your evolution, and they trigger beneficial changes! After the 16th, your planet enters Pisces and announces many contacts and other socio-professional negotiations that are a little delicate, so stay focused. First decan, Uranus initiates existential questions in you or causes unexpected events, open your eyes! From the 21st, the Sun in Aries as well as Venus from the 22nd, illuminate your social sector, you are surrounded, supported, loved. The end of the month is very pleasant!

Love in General:
From the 4th, Mars totally boosts your desires, in your constellation your sensual energy is at its height! Venus is very favorable to you from the 22nd, passion could fall on you before the end of the month. From the 1st to 21st, you are uncomfortable with the emotional climate of the moment, your feelings are cold or focused on your profession.

In a relationship:
A beautiful complicity unites you thanks to Mercury until March 15th, Mars assures a passionate libido all fire all flame for you, which is able to revive the oldest couples while Venus from the 22nd gives you desires for common outings, you bite into life together, wholeheartedly!

Driven by the strength of Mars for most of the month, you will have the heart to make a beautiful, emotional meeting and the sky will help you especially after the 21st. Your friendly approach at first glance could facilitate your contacts, while Venus endows you with a devastating charm. Believe in yourself!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
The month is divided into two very different periods, your sign is favored by celestial energies especially after the 20th. However, the whole sign receives Jupiter and Saturn who are harmoniously connected. Be patient, things are set up for you!

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