Gemini June 2021 Horoscope

Mercury, although in retrograde, is stationed in your sign until the end of the month. Thus, your "master" will help you considerably to study the situations closely, with good sense and objectivity, which could give you a head start in many areas. Venus in Cancer protects your material assets and you work hard until the 11th.

Then, priority will be given to exchanges and new ideas: your opportunism will undoubtedly help you to find outlets for more varied, dynamic and constructive activities. But, beware of Jupiter, he can cause frustrations and compensatory excess ...

Love in General:
"Spare the rod and spoil the child", the tone is given! Throughout this month you live intense moments with the person you love. The month starts strong thanks to new projects. Regarding your love affairs nothing is done randomly, you build castles in the sky.

In a relationship:
A little lightness invades your daily life, so your relationship is better. While you go about your business your partner takes care of the rest. You do not need much to make you happy. Projects are emerging, your relationship is experiencing a new impetus and it is not displeasing to you.

Before agreeing to commit you think twice, due to a lack of assurance, yet everything suggests that this month luck is finally decided to turn in your favor. If you had great hopes for meeting your soulmate, keep your eyes open.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Do not just rely on your intuitions, listen to others, communicate on your desires, on your feelings, be reassuring. Dwelling on disappointments would be wasting your time while beautiful things are there to be lived.

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