Gemini July 2021 Horoscope

Monthly energies invite you to manage your assets and enjoy a beneficial relationship! Until the 22nd, the sun in Cancer favors the balance of your financial sector. Mercury, your planet, at home until the 12th endows you with an overpowering mind while, from the 13th to the 28th in Cancer, it returns to highlight your wealth and at the end of the month, to harmonize your meetings.

Mars in Leo until the 29th, reinforces your exchanges, your collateral relationships and your movements, it is supported by Venus until the 22nd and announces a superb relationship! Jupiter in Pisces until the 28th requires, in your work and in society, a selfless commitment, be true! At the very end of the month, Jupiter joins Saturn in Aquarius and updates your ideal of life. From the 23rd, your optimism is bright, your home quieted. It is a nice month!

Love in General:
Venus and Mars in beautiful aspect to your constellation until the 22nd announces promises of loving happiness! Your feelings and your sensuality in full agreement with your intimate nature can announce, either a renewal of passion, or a joyous and luminous meeting! In the last week, a bit of shyness could cool your ardor, you'll know how to turn it around!

In a relationship:
Your complicity should be important throughout the month. The universe pampers both your physical impulses and your natural sentimental reserve! On the program, a fluid communication, a communicative optimism and a powerful and creative energy that can infuse your couple with many ideas of happiness.

Emotional opportunities could turn your heart upside down throughout the month thanks to the intense influences of Mars in Leo. A chic and passionate romance is announced through your usual contacts or during an unforeseen but beneficial trip. The last week is particularly promising, get ready mentally!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Your hyper-communicative and adaptable temperament will be well encouraged throughout the month by the energies of Mercury installing three different modes of communication. Savor especially a very pleasant relationship and put aside some slight social or professional adjustments.

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