Gemini January 2021 Horoscope

An introspection is announced for your sign until the 19th, you are concentrated, less scatterbrained and deeper. From the 20th to the 31st, the Sun in Aquarius awakens your desire to travel and your ideal of life.

Jupiter and Saturn in beautiful aspect to your sign already favors this beautiful awakening! Mercury, your planet, until the 8th in Capricorn, endows you with serious thoughts, then from the 9th to the 31st this planet facilitates your exchanges in your relationships and your legendary eloquence resumes its rights. Your energy benefits your circle until the 6th and strengthens your inner life the rest of the month. Second decan you always receive the energy of Neptune, adapt if necessary in your socio-professional sector. Pluto still shakes up the third decan, transformations in you and around you must be done, accompany them!

Love in General:
The whole first week you are conquering, love gives you the wings of desire! Mars and Venus underline your seduction and your charisma. From the 10th, beautiful things cool down, but not your libido! Mars in Taurus slows down this one but makes you more affective. From the 9th, by your words or by your actions, you seduce!

In a relationship:
Venus promotes the desire to reunite together until the 9th! You could escape the world a little to find yourself face to face. Until the 19th, the Sun illuminates your sensual sphere, enjoy this solitude for two to rediscover the Kama Sutra! Then you prepare projects together!

More ambitious, more enduring, you aspire to a quality meeting! The skies could help you there! Venus in the sector of your official partner until the 9th comes to open very interesting emotional perspectives. Your chances are concentrated with your friends or during festive or cultural outings.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Enjoy the beautiful influx of Jupiter and Saturn to rethink your ideal of life! It's a slow process that will be quiet. The beginning of this year challenges your sign on its capacity for inner transformation. No stress, you are up to the challenge!

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