Gemini February 2021 Horoscope

A beautiful philosophical and even spiritual opening is proposed to you by the sky! Until the 18th, the Sun, Mercury and Venus all in Aquarius favor an opening towards elsewhere, whether geographical or internal.

Jupiter and Saturn also in Aquarius boost this same sector, you feel the constructive call and evolution of these planets, first and second decan! A nice meeting could be done within a group sharing the same aspirations as you. Your mind is light, communicative, and friendly. Mars in Taurus all month gives you an important energy but not necessarily an obvious one, you could settle affairs behind the scenes as Uranus in this same sign brings its share of unforeseen for the first decan. From the 19th, the energies are concentrated in your socio-professional sector, a soft focus or a magical event?

Love in General:
Venus in Aquarius until the 25th in beautiful aspect to your sign largely favors your emotional life. You are inspired, easily open to discussion and to the ideas of others which helps the quality of your intimate relationship. Your desires on the other hand are a little secret, nothing serious! You mix bliss friendship and love, you enjoy this kind of game!

In a relationship:
Your duo communicates well, your mutual feelings are both non-conformist, full of freedom but still deep enough to participate in the development of your relationship. Your libido could drop in frequency but not in intensity! Your partner feels understood especially until the 18th, after, it is less obvious.

Focus your attempts on your hyper friendly social circle stimulated by monthly celestial energies. Your chances are very important and could favor a meeting that can become permanent or even legalized, first decan especially! Get out as much as possible, see your friends, your love life is changing!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
This winter month looks nice for your sign, it will be cold outside but not in your heart! Just accept the challenges sent by Uranus, they will be compensated by Jupiter and Saturn, the universe offers but it is you who has it all laid out!

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