Gemini 2021 Horoscope

2021 marks a period of realigning your priorities within the context of achieving your goals. Long-term goals you set now can have significant impact, but you’re also in a good position to see the manifestation of more immediate hopes and wishes.
At a deeper level, you also may want to acknowledge many of your dreams and seek ways to eliminate barriers preventing you from attaining them. Much of this stimulus centers within your heart, which is ready to open to a more profound sense of love and self-acceptance.
Jupiter’s cycle through your solar 8th house arouses a keener awareness of the impact of others on your life. Your partner in a relationship may have more to offer, and you may feel more willing to accept his or her resources or support. A business partnership formed now can be highly successful, and shared resources can increase at an exponential level.
Emotionally, this cycle provides a period of reflection on your deeper values and needs. Where you’ve been self-protective, you now can feel more comfortable dropping some barriers to intimacy or eliminating some fears about trusting another. Questions about death, the origins of life, the essence of spiritual bonding with another and issues revolving around sexual needs are all likely to arise, and you may feel more at ease pursuing answers.
This is a period of deep healing and profound emotional transformation that can positively underscore many aspects of your life. To be effective, you must surrender to the role of The Questioner at its highest level, and will understand the importance of
showing your gratitude to the Power that provides true abundance and prosperity.
The solar and lunar eclipses in 2021 emphasize your creative and self-expressive concerns. This period also encourages a more natural flow between giving and receiving love, and can alter the way you approach special relationships with friends, children, lovers, or those who reinforce and understand your uniqueness. Any crises building in these areas of your life can escalate near eclipse times in the early spring or autumn.
You have many choices concerning these circumstances, and may decide to increase or eliminate certain relationships. However, you are likely to discover the difference between true supportive friendships and those that exist because someone else is riding along on your coat-tails. If you have children, you also may set more limits or guidelines allowing a more positive independence to develop.
A primary aspect of this cycle centers on ways to enhance your creative self-expression. By determining how you honestly feel about your talents and abilities and the expression of those gifts, you may discover that you’ve been locking away too much of yourself to do what you felt was necessary. Now you’re discovering that it’s necessary to trust that those gifts can be enjoyed, and perhaps even shared.
You also are strongly influenced this year by the transit of Venus in Gemini on April 3—August 8. During this time, your need to express loving feelings is intensified, and you may be strongly drawn to enjoy the beautiful and wonderful things life has to offer. If you’ve been hoping to discover the true nature of love, a long cycle of Venus stimulating your Sun gives you more than one chance to examine your feelings and pursue your heart’s desires.

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