Gemini Wellness Horoscope

The geminis are usually lanky, with tall and slim structure. They have a pale complexion and bright eyes, thin nose, pointed chin, long arms and light hair. They have very sharp expression which conveys their state of mind. Since they are very expressive and communicative, they make effective use of their body language to express themselves. They articulate themselves well with their speech. They have a very pleasant appearance, with supple and slender muscles, long and smooth limbs like models. They have a very impressive look with fine and swift appearance.

Because they are very hyperactive, they tend to become nervous and start biting their nails which is an obvious sign of nervousness. As mentioned earlier they express their state of mind through their body language, hence we can make out when they are anxious or nervous. They need to engage themselves in activities that keep their finger busy like knitting, playing a keyboard etc. Manicures can also be of help at times to overcome their habits. Sometimes they are unorganized, and do not sort out things and then get stressed up later when things start becoming messy around them.

The Geminis tend to overwork their brain and hence are prone to problems related to the nervous system. Anxiety and insomnia is quite common to them. To overcome this, they need to ensure that they eat and sleep well. As they grow older, they become vulnerable to problems related to respiratory problems like asthma, flu and viral infections. As they are very restless, they arms and legs tend to get tired a lot, hence they can regularly exercise to keep them fit and fine. Most of their health related problems are due to their overexcitement which causes nervousness. Even though their health is delicate, they need not worry too much about it.

Beauty scope Geminis have very beautiful eyes which looks prettier when they highlight it with mascara. They look good in bright colours like yellow and orange. Shades of beige and brown lipstick make them look more attractive. Their pale complexion gets enhanced and highlighted with miniskirts and sleeveless. They will take a lot of time in choosing what to wear, and end up wearing something totally different that what they had actually thought of. They know how to carry themselves in whatever they wear and own a large wardrobe.

Gemini Compatibility