Gemini Weekly Horoscope

If you’ve been fighting or having communication problems with someone, it’s best to resolve these issues starting on Wednesday when Mercury enters Sagittarius and then moves through your partnership zone for the next two weeks, especially if you’ve been feuding with someone over ideas and big questions. Try to mend fences and reach an agreement or else the holidays could get pretty awkward.

If you need a little help this week, try joining forces with someone to tackle the world together when the sun and Mercury conjoin in Sagittarius on Sunday.

However, you’re gonna need to learn to compromise. You’re always ready for a spirited debate to argue your views, but make sure you’re debating to come to an agreement and not just to continue a fight. If you want to work with someone, you’ll have to listen to their ideas too. Who knows? They might even work with your grand schemes.

Gemini Compatibility