Gemini Weekly Love Horoscope

Are you feeling set in your current dating ways, Gemini? If you’re stuck in a rut, it might be due to the journey of Venus through methodical Virgo this week. Vow to do something different like download a new dating app or talk to a stranger to help get out of the same old routine.

On Thursday, airy Libra hosts a conjunction between the confident sun and chatty Mercury that encourages you to be adaptable and curious. If you want to know more about someone you’re attracted to, why not just ask them? Going straight to the source is more productive than going behind their back.

The balance between your love life and other things (like work, extended family, etc.) will be the focus of the Libra new moon over the weekend, which should allow you to reach an important equilibrium between the two. Focusing on just one thing all the time isn’t healthy.

Gemini Compatibility