Gemini Monthly Love Horoscope

You love engaging intellectually with people you’re interested in early this month. While your flirty conversations don’t have to lead to more, you wouldn’t mind if they did. People who post witty replies to your social media stories or whose words stand out in your DMs are the ones you should be pursuing.

On May 10, your smart leader Mercury turns retrograde while in your distracted sign, so you might miss the signals that someone is trying to send you. Listen to your friends when they tell you that your crush is trying to get your attention, Gemini, because you’re kinda clueless about stuff that’s obvious to others during this confusing retrograde cycle.

The sun leaves earthy, fixed Taurus for your independent, curious sign on the twentieth, which opens your mind and eyes to options that you’ve been ignoring or oblivious to lately. This versatile energy encourages you to get out into the dating world and walk through every door that opens. There’s zero reason to limit yourself now.

Mercury is still retrograde when it leaves your sign to back into trustworthy Taurus on May 22, and this combo can reveal some harsh but realistic truths. If you’ve been talking to someone who might have long-term potential, this solid energy can help you find out if you’re actually compatible or not.

Gemini Compatibility