Gemini Monthly Love Horoscope

If you had your choice, your chatty home planet Mercury would never go retrograde, right?! It’s in its backward position as the year starts, but you get a little help communicating during a Mercury-Jupiter sextile on January 2. This infusion of luck helps you climb your way out of any holes you’ve dug lately and helps you find a way to let any potential partners know you’re all about moving forward instead of dwelling on the past.

An intense Venus-Mars trine on the ninth makes it hard for you to keep your hands off someone you’re extremely attracted to. In case you were wondering, Gemini, the passion you’re feeling is probably mutual.

Tech guru Mercury finally leaves its retrograde position on January 18, which gives you the green light to put a lot of your electronics back in working order. If the TV’s on the blink or your phone’s been glitching, you shouldn’t have a problem getting it fixed. Your love life benefits from less stress in this area too.

Gemini Compatibility