Gemini Monthly Love Horoscope

There’s a lot going on during the Mars-Jupiter sextile on September 1, but you’re not too busy to pick up on some exciting chemistry between you and someone else (maybe a coworker or someone you “happened” to meet). Because it’s hard to predict things during this chaotic energy, you’ll have to be willing to just go wherever the moment takes you.

On the sixth, asteroid Pallas stops being immersed in your curiosity and starts absorbing Cancer’s deep feelings, which can send you on quite the emotional roller-coaster ride. Being up one minute and down the next is exciting for a while, Gemini, but then it can become kind of tiring. Turn to a trusted female friend for advice when it all gets to be a little much.

On September 27, an earthy trine between talkative Mercury and alluring Pluto puts you in the mood to spill some secrets, but only if the person you’re talking to will share some of theirs in return. You love to find the underlying cause of things during this delightfully penetrating mental energy, and you’re willing to give in order to get.

Gemini Compatibility