Gemini Individual Degrees

The degree symbols of Gemini are most useful in elaborating a personal birth chart. You can learn about personal cycles from studying the place of a transiting or progressed planet by degree at a given time, revealing collective as well as personal timings. The Zodiac degrees also act as an oracle. One can open the collection anywhere for a given day, or in reponse to a question. The degrees will reveal what is happening now and if we are attentive and responsive to the cues, what is required of us. Comparing charts of friends and famous people who are known for certain qualities, one can gradually discriminate among the degrees.

Gemini Degrees Interpretation

GEMINI 1 Degree - Knots in a cord. They are a message in code.

Coming up against limits. Aware of what is not. Inhabiting a bittersweet combination of longing and the quickening of awareness. What is sought and desired being indefinitely held away. Crosspurposes between the greater self and the little one. The little one will not have it. Reactivities, tangents, and compulsions. Going through cycles of a very extreme kind. Always self-critical. Pressurized and suspicious. And yet you move through all of this as quickly and as sharply as is desired or sought. Arbitrary self-will stops the flow and a reversal of emphasis starts it moving again. Trials, ordeals, initiations, exile, and return.

GEMINI 2 Degree - A collection of large dried leaves, each one bearing an inscription.

A neatly compacted little world. Everything fits together splendidly. Each detail is highlighted, mentally known to be right where it belongs. But everything is static. No movement destroys the coherence. You remember the way it is supposed to be and reconstitute all good things from the past, while inwardly craving to break through to something new. The familiar mental categories accompany you everywhere. Knowing exactly what is happening is highly valued. A thousand practical gifts are made easy. Everything works smoothly. The sociocultural sphere is well-served. But underneath, slowly, gradually, you are losing all interest in this pattern and seeking a way out of it, which in the fullness of time may be there if you can let go of the need to please everybody and make perfect sense and discover the great bulk of your being lying dormant, waiting for the future to dawn. Needing relief and release to feel alive again and to know that it is possible to find real satisfaction in living.

GEMINI 3 Degree - A dense thicket of brambles surrounding a magic castle.

Externals, obstacles, postponements absorb your mind. Forefront affairs fascinate and divert, semblances entice. Yet the one who goes for all of this is one dimension of selfhood. Another dimension is waiting in a perfectly intact place of undiminished life-force. A third dimension mediates between these two, keeps self and world guessing, off-balance. Juggling, dissembling, playing, pretending. Being so many things at once that it is impossible to think about. You are cast loose in a mythic landscape wandering forever, yet always right there doing just what needs to be done and disarming all expectations, including your own.

GEMINI 4 Degree - An island just visible off the coast.

When the future is alive, all of its many dimensions flourish in a world away from the commonly mapped out standard territory. The inward twin is given free rein to picture and dream into and even open the space toward what can be and shall be in more vibrant worlds to come. The outward twin carries on as ever in the accustomed role of maintaining the status quo. But so little energy is given to this one, and so much life-force is funneled into sensing new worlds and exploring all the amazing places which these new worlds spark on the inside of the soul, timelessly and authentically.

GEMINI 5 Degree - An immense tortoise with jewels inlaid in its back.

Consciousness flagrantly and outrageously running off to infinity with all that is happening. You are always able to take anything further, to follow things out beyond boundaries and limits. Synchronized with multidimensionality. Coming upon the future everywhere. Blown so wide open that all you can do is exclaim, marvel, and alternate between rapture and despair. Highstrung and wildly strung. Engaged with all outstanding possibilities. Hopeful and yet equally doubtful. Yearning toward a world where everybody can be free; vividly impressed by a world where the chains prevail. Caught in the crossfire between the old and the new. Depending upon ingenuity and resourcefulness to each and every time open the space, stir up the pot, and uncover something dynamic and progressive in every corner of existence, just asking to be rallied, championed, and brought further along in the sparkling mix we partake in together. With never a dull moment, nor any entirely closed doors anywhere in sight.

GEMINI 6 Degree - A claw foot holding a ball.

The self-project. Putting yourself through your paces. Behind it all, the steady gaze of commitment to outlast your own folly. Steely determination to come again to a place of freedom and commanding presence. The process is lacerating. Any illusions, all fragmentations become played out and worked out under pressure. Staying with yourself throughout, and knowing how to orchestrate vast shifts by surrounding yourself with light. The prenatal resolve to put behind you every limit, no matter what it takes. You come from such implacable will that every vagary is goad and challenge. The heroic venture of moving from tangles and snarls into clean, classical lines and reliable and sound performance. Tackling the impossible with relish and elan.

GEMINI 7 Degree - A table comes to life and runs away.

The inner story is fanciful, full spectrum open, unformed. Outward events do not match the inner story. A question arises where to put the emphasis - what do you believe? If the way things go outwardly is all, the spirit is crushed. If caprice and whimsy contain treasures, there is room here for hope and for permission to be. But you cannot depend upon caprice and whimsy. So the battle rages between doubt and conviction. Doubt knows that it never works out as you planned. Conviction answers that it is entirely up to you and you will get what you asked for.

GEMINI 8 Degree - A chandelier which holds lit candles.

Creative selfhood lights up the world. The brightness lies in the realization of being all things, becoming all things. It is everywhere at once. Nothing is linear, nor consecutive. The spinning upon an axis of power. Joy lies in making the connections, in being a resource, in bringing the situation to what it can be. All is activated, mobilized. Your potential is actualized by being all-inclusive and keeping every side of life in your sights. Lit up from within, having a place to shine.

GEMINI 9 Degree - Wild flowers growing around the ruins of a temple.

Catching a second wind. Taking a booster rocket from one cycle to another, one lifetime to another, one whole stage in evolution to another. Shot out of a cannon to discover the next great thing, you are wildly attentive to signs and portents, looking for a way to the future. Coming out of immense soul experience. With flying colors, leaping forth into the new. Enthusiastic, naive, and impressionable. Eager for a thousand universes to come true. You feel that ultimate springtime quality of fresh immediacy and windblown alacrity, just sensing all through body and soul the possibilities, the openings, what wants to happen next. A destiny-bearer - universal in spirit, and in the right place at the right time for remarkable synchronicities and huge turnarounds.

GEMINI 10 Degree - A young woman notices the handsome man has fangs.

Blows of fate. Acts of God. Abrupt awakenings to what was suspected but naively denied. You become drastically aware of all that was hidden, and jump to conclusions. The gathering of events to prove a point, to generate a change, to draw it all out. Curiosity, probing. Yet as well, casual oblivion and riding high in euphoric assumptions. Setting yourself up for turnarounds, epiphanies, metanoia. The leap over the edge into the dark from the light that reveals the other side of life can generate cynicism and negative feedback loops, by the implication that behind every shining wonder there lies its reverse shadow image. The mind proving itself right and falling down its own hole.

GEMINI 11 Degree - A stag with golden horns.

Staying tuned in for further developments. You bear an expanded capacity for future vision and for picking up on the most fantastic things. Given to sunbursts of revelation or inward remembrance. Often attempting to make light of this extradimensional quality. But then there are times when it just becomes irresistible. You can only keep the light at bay so long. For here you are innately gifted with a wild array of powers and multisensory treasures, to grow into and share lavishly. The primary lesson involved lies in taking seriously and to heart what instinctively seems so natural and free and prodigal that it is just always there. When you focus and distill this cosmic awareness into something firm and clean and steady on, nobody will be able to deny that dazzling things are right here, illuminating all the missing places and restoring wholeness, just like that.

GEMINI 12 Degree - Many huge urns filled with wheat.

Outrageous infinities of riches to share. Accessing these in stages. Always having more than enough and then still having more again. Good fortune. Prosperity - outside and in. You bear gifts and talents, treasures and marvels. Multidimensional, simultaneous, celebratory. Expanding to meet the need. Tapping the universal supply, in touch with the boundlessness of existence. All of this comes so naturally and effortlessly to you that the challenge is to value it, to honor it, to realize what is happening. Being this way is so fertile with promise and hope that it can dissipate into schemes, or it can come back to life as the real thing, of your being granted the orchestrator/coordinator/mediator gift, being offered by spirit whatever you need to open up futures and expand possibilities wherever you go.

GEMINI 13 Degree - Garlic hung at the window for protection.

Stationed in isolate containment to cultivate gifts, virtues, talents, and special offerings. Generously endowed with timing grace to preserve and maintain worlds apart. You are directed from within to divulge nothing and remain in telepathic wavelength beyond words. Inside there, you become conversant with extraordinary spheres, and are held in a purity of protection and veiling. A kind of otherness which rarely is seen for what it is. You extrovert into apparent display and meanwhile keep everything essential for later. A perfect arrangement for very special fosterings and streams. And virtually impenetrable and somewhere else, to be unlimited inside the world.

GEMINI 14 Degree - A sorcerer materializes an amethyst cross.

Laws are made to be broken. Limitations are kept in place so that those who are not ready to go through radical changes in evolution will be able to locate themselves. But then there are those who cut through every limitation, break every law by the sheer power of their inner gaze, their presence, their magical will. When they cut loose, worlds that have been kept apart flood together. This is a force of awareness that seeks to bridge, to mediate, to connect, to bear messages back and forth. A mission or great task is involved: to let the future flood through and repolarize the fractured world toward wholeness. A sensibility made up of equal parts daring and skill. The daring is afraid of nothing and nobody; the skill embodies the daring in action. A perfect combination to catalyze and spark and make inevitable the cosmic forces bringing their imprint to bear upon the outer physical existence, just as though that is what we do around here and "why not?"

GEMINI 15 Degree - People gathering salt from the ocean.

There is a universal sourcespring of renewed life-forces and reawakened expanded awareness, which is on tap for those who venture there. Most characteristic of this vast realm is its common ground, free access, and broad representation. You are everybody at once converging toward sisterhood and brotherhood. The sudden, drastic, and astounding universal lifestream toward the future being there, just like that. Serendipity and chance. Fortune and synchronicity. The hundredth monkey comes to town. The only thing asked is to make way - to cast off the outer covering of separative identity and to open the path and let it flow. However, this is so easy and natural you can pass it right by and miss the chance. It takes an urgent call and a trick of destiny to reveal that as close as can be, open doors to the infinite are waiting for those who can drop the disguise and come to the party as they truly are.

GEMINI 16 Degree - A single sunflower wilting and dropping its seeds.

The sun shines so bright that it compels all of us to empty ourselves out and bake in the light and the warmth of spirit. We are transfixed by solar power and impelled to unite with our destiny, no matter how extravagant or unlikely that destiny proves to be. A momentum is pulsating, with edges to track. In order to do so you have to breathe into it and let go a whole lot, and then there you are, calling onward. You can hear it. Everybody else can too. And so the spirit-caller cracks through and brings futures alive in the light of a sun that never sets.

GEMINI 17 Degree - A magic coin that has only one side.

Bland realism as complete cover-up. Masquerading in whichever style and form disarms and deflects and confuses and confounds. Preferring to portray yourself as plain, straightforward, and as basic as can be. The ruse is that if you consistently blow yourself up to be a commonsensical character people shall look at you lightly, no probing. This frees up the subconscious mind to frolic impetuously, almost randomly. And if anybody ever inquired into the motivating spark behind the subconscious play and abandon, you would find a future soul discovering ways to entertain itself and keep it going, but exceedingly aware of the tides of events, awaiting the first cue to explode the personality and get on with the future for real.

GEMINI 18 Degree - A book with blank pages.

Renunciation of personal life. Living out beyond. Stripped bare of identities, devoid of context. Defining your realm, not at all. Being supplants doing. Spaciousness follows when all of the stuff empties out. Freedom to unfold in any direction spirit indicates. An astounding quality of celestial detachment from all mental fragments whatsoever. And ultimately being groomed or trained in future arts which require steadfast adherence to the code of becoming multidimensionally open to the expanded self, and not getting distracted by desires or ego fragments - to usher in a new era and co-create limitless possibilities in selfless, cool serenity.

GEMINI 19 Degree - Strange creatures peeking out from behind trees.

Surprises, destiny shocks, stunning events present a way to evolve rapidly for the daring and the wild. Whatever you assume and prepare for, the moment shall be different. Nothing is meant to be straightforward here. You must be kept on the alert, prompted, beguiled, tricked - anything to help you leap off. The biggest trick is to identify consciously with an innocent, youthful, almost hopelessly ingenuous persona and then to magnetize a destiny that would never come to such a basic kind of person. This way, the edge, the tension, the joke is perfectly poised, stretched just far enough to trip you up every time. The greater self finds its ways to get at a little self who wants to hide in safe places, when instead a much larger destiny is in the works - which insists upon knocking at your door, preferably a back door or side door, to jump right in, scare the living daylights out of you, and wake you up for the next scintillating adventure along a vast and unlimited spectrum.

GEMINI 20 Degree - A bull stung by a scorpion.

The elaborate ritual of putting yourself through life or death crises to determine what you are made of and how far you are willing to go in this life. Choosing from expanded faculties the optimal situations to enact this battle royale. Selecting what is karmically familiar. Variations on old themes involving bondage and freedom. When you are trapped, caught, stuck, a furious inner force asserts itself and can reconfigure everything. But it is a high-stakes ritual drama and loaded with real dangers. You must check yourself out in ultimate ways, for there is surging in your blood an impulse toward liberation, which cannot be distorted in any way. An extraordinary journey through radical tests and trails of an initiatory intensity. It is all about guts, and stripping away everything but the true inner direction. And if you must slay and move through illusions on every front, that is just how it is. You cannot survive any longer on old ways to do it - it is time to welcome the enemy into your very midst and discover that there are no enemies.

GEMINI 21 Degree - Wine casks retrieved from an ancient shipwreck.

Having known all along, now finding that you are on the beam, and bringing something starkly craved which you bear a limitless supply of. Myriad complications arise, issues of ego. You are too blatant, too brazen. The tortuous journey of stepping away from gifts and wonders until you can be light and free with them. Soul testings for an advanced destiny, to be optimally relevant and effective. Being shown in every possible way that you cannot afford a drop of self-intoxication. When you know great and vital things from the dawn of time, you must be stripped bare and skillfully flow in a fluent grasp of the moment’s chances. This is a vast destiny ripening and becoming vintage; to approach with anything less would be glaringly disruptive.

GEMINI 22 Degree - A young girl is sold to a sultan.

Cutting deals. Shuffling the personal deck. Being willing to cut out this part and amplify that part of self as the occasion demands. Intensely pragmatic. Taking things as they are and adapting accordingly. Especially prone to neglecting, forsaking, denying for extended cycles huge chunks of yourself. Seeking the optimal combination to be able to do what you want to do and achieve the results you have in mind. Streamlining all self-presentation, even to yourself, to make it look good and easy and manageable. Caught in the ego-mind in a thousand distorted reflections, you are able to rationalize or justify even a total sell-out. But essentially smart, capable, and on top of things. Just intricately familiar with the ropes and rabidly convinced you must not be caught short or marginalized. And you can emphasize and insist upon whatever angle of selfhood will prove helpful and productive to the ego-mind in its multiple ongoing transactions.

GEMINI 23 Degree - A tunnel created by trees.

Intervention by your own greater self within the patterns of the personal story. A vision is granted. A way is shown. Yet to follow it will mean many shatterings. A cosmic future realm - uncompromising and magnificent. Vibrant and cocky. The power of the Crown. The truth that takes you by surprise. So much is opening. All you need is to be there and ask. The expanded "I" aimed directly at you and drawing you through.

GEMINI 24 Degree - A nude man with a tail.

Instincts fill the screen of awareness with instantaneous reverberations. You are ready to pick up on whatever comes through magnificently. The skill, the virtuosity is dazzling. Nothing is impossible. There is a space open for worlds to connect. Flooded with impressions. Ecstatic with what you can do. Spilling over into infinity. Showing what we all can do, and insisting that it is simple. The greatest of gifts freely manifesting; no strings attached. The future opens and the light streams through. The body knows. Direct sensing - multidimensional and straight on.

GEMINI 25 Degree - A cave in deep ocean waters.

Stunning ways to preserve lost knowledge and lost worlds. The treasure chest is full to bursting. A leavening agent. A corrective to shallow patterns of existence. You are able to be so multidimensional that vastly divergent realities can be lived simultaneously and often are. Care and effort stand behind this place over myriad lifetimes. Contains boundless intact awareness held for the future. A contact point underneath conscious awareness. Faithful to the cause. Integrity above all.

GEMINI 26 Degree - A cave with carved walls. It is an ancient temple.

A constant reminder of what exists in other time frames, but is missing from the now. You are secretly living in futures and pasts to an extraordinary extent. What is in there speaks eloquently. The world voices of the now fall on deaf ears. Distracted, elsewhere, elusive, remote. Inhabiting the inner mind and lost to the outer mind. You’re in a poised verge where what ultimately and essentially makes sense is the reverse mirror image of what everybody says and thinks. The minority of one, keeping the balance intact.

GEMINI 27 Degree - Much food stored in a cool cave.

Taking your greatest attributes, tucking them away for safe keeping and going on without them. Daring yourself to operate without the huge advantage of knowing everything ahead of time, and dropping down into the position of moving by primal instincts, each moment naked and following the live track of what arises. Turning yourself into a wide open, vastly impressionable, fluent, and flexible front line participant, but keeping on ice the most astounding array of greater gifts - the ones that are too much for this world now. And being quite inwardly assured that sooner or later you can and will draw upon and tap into the greater frequencies of awareness, in order to take the path even further along than spontaneous presence could begin to imagine.

GEMINI 28 Degree - A cloud in the shape of a rabbit.

Fabulous inward visualizing gifts and streams. Picturing the flux of life with extraordinary acuity of fluent perception. Witnessing with rapt fascination how everything moves, changes, and stays the same. Granted a golden eye for phenomena and the rapid-fire streaming through of images and impressions. Always watching, always just about beside yourself with the clarity of it, the pure suchness of this world. Immense difficulty in communicating and sharing this God’s eye view. Words will not contain it. You must find a physical language and an imaginative landscape that can be telepathically transmitted. You have inside, the greatest gifts to share and spread. And the life challenge becomes to form the vessel and find the ways to get it across that evolution is really happening, and multidimensional reality is already here now to bring us all alive, even when the outer mind is still drawing blanks on what the fuss is about.

GEMINI 29 Degree - A garden planted solely with shade plants.

Offered the unique chance to take any given side of self and world to its absolute limit and beyond. Scouting out ahead in whatever direction suits your fancy. Saturated with all the props and accompanying attitudes and gestures of your chosen tangent. Fabulously alive to your fantasy, your obsession, your specialized style and manifestation. Extravagantly lavish in letting yourself go to decadent or breakthrough places. No conscience, no ethic, no restriction. Exploring to the hilt one side of things. And hoping to wear it out if it is limiting, or to bring it back alive for everybody to get in touch with if it proves to be relevant and enduring and cosmically right on.

GEMINI 30 Degree - Many glass animals on a shelf.

Microworlds and macroworlds reflect each other’s light. There are those for whom the microworld becomes the entire focus, reflecting the light of the macrocosm within tiny jewelled moments and personal tie-ins. This results in each and every little thing lighting up with striking significance. But it is far more magical than that. For as you enter completely inside of these special moments and sparkling reflections, there arises a mode of experience that is stunning. The most basic and elemental things turn into the instantaneous invocation of the miracle of existence. And so it becomes the surface and the common layers that are packed with the infinite splendor. Daily life as pure celebration engaged in both rapturously and just as the way it is.

Gemini Love Compatibility