Gemini Third Decan

Third decan Gemini born between June 11 and June 21. For a people born between 11th June and 21st June the planetary rulers are both Saturn and Uranus. They have a certain type of vigor, something that allows them to stand against all onslaughts. They are quite creative, innovative and original in their plan of attack. They are flexible and very optimistic, and possess an unconventional outlook, and they are brilliant thinkers. Most of them also have the qualities of a natural leader. People are attracted to their natural charm. They love their freedom, viewing each day as a new adventure. That’s the reason why they cannot be tied down to one particular place. As their attention gets diluted towards a lot of pursuits, they can easily become distracted.

The third Decan personality is characterized by originality, flexibility and optimism. Their unconventional and brilliant mind allows them to have some very original beliefs and ideas. They are anything but ordinary. They are a natural leader and because they exude charm people will want to follow them.

They have a very optimistic and positive outlook and view each new day as an exciting adventure. They love freedom and like the adventure of exploring new things situations. They can never be tied down. They are very flexible in thinking and are very open to new ideas. They can easily become distracted and have too many interests which dilutes their attention. They can flit from one project, leaving it unfinished and move on to the next and the next, until nothing is seen completed.

Gemini Third Decan - Mental Man of Saturn

Saturn’s rule of the mental decan of Gemini provides the right kind of direction required to develop the embryonic mental apparatus. At the early stage, without Saturn, the unevolved man would only occupy himself with useless and deleterious pursuits. In their intellectual endeavors, as in other departments of their lives, unevolved Geminians simply appear as dilettantes, losing themselves in too many thoughts that they attempt to follow until they strike difficulty.

Beginning the third step, the Twin characteristically appears incapable of true comprehension of serious matters. Uplifting work, constructive training and moral education are required at this point in the career of the soul. With the steadying hand of Saturn the Geminian begins a tutorship to prepare a firm base of knowledge. Eventually a real liking for intellectual pursuit is acquired, although in the early stages the mental type has little or no inborn sense of discrimination, is easily led astray, and is incapable of self-defense which must painfully be learned.

Saturn fosters the development of personal duty and responsibility, initiating this process by the growth, training and enforced development of the concrete mind along rational and linear lines. Over time the analytic powers of thought become increasingly strong while the mind becomes well structured, adaptive and efficiently organized along strictly pragmatic lines of thought.

The Saturn-controlled mind loves to win arguments, perhaps naively believing that winning an argument settles everything. Other people are very apt to be surprised by the heartlessness and formality of the mental productions of the Geminian, and instinctively resent the cold and rigid methods that accompany their presentations, even when they agree with the conclusions. The depths and strengths of the arguments opposed against their individual views are not appreciated or understood. Often then, undue confidence in the efficacy of personal viewpoint leads into great error.

The mind under Saturn is cold, rigid, formalized and troubled. Blind to the truth behind the apparent facts of any given situation, they fail in their treatment of those below them in status because they are so unsympathetic and unfriendly. In fact they regard staff relations as of a purely business character and actually care little for those they employ.

Safeguards and formalities rigidly limit the personalized mind, so true to the stereotypes of both Saturn and Gemini, they seem quite incapable of giving or sharing themselves in a relationship. The semi-educated Twin lacks an understanding of love, and the passion of love is merely viewed as animal passion and therefore somewhat contemptible, rather ridiculous or at best a nuisance. To this kind of person the attitudes of others appear absurd, objectionable and even rather disgusting.

Pure intellectual analysis, no matter how brilliant or well thought out, inevitably leads to solecism, blunders, irreconcilable contradictions, cleavages and unhappiness. The mind is not yet sufficiently developed to be the least bit intuitive, but it does seek freedom of thought and speech.

Under the materialistic aspect of Saturn the mental type cannot yet comprehend higher unity, non-duality or the process of synthetic thought. Prejudice dependent upon a biased scholastic training is the general rule. Its natural development is demonstrated along the lines of rational and logical thought, circumscribed by the form side of life. Here the mind can be so intense and busy paradoxically, that it never stops to think. Saturn does however, eventually succeed in forcing the mind to slow down, focus and stabilize. But concentration, though intense for a while, does not last.

The point of view or the basic assertion is a purely materialistic and scientific one which recognizes only that which is definitely proven, or that which can be proven by the acceptance of a logical hypothesis. Saturn grants the power to combine, to perceive the relations between many different persons, things or objects and to clarify and develop, however it does not originate and create. The Geminian here is not an original thinker but does possess a well-studied, disciplined and trained conventional mind.

In all fairness however, we must remark that the Geminian mind is capable of matchless lucidity, great power of concentration, and an incomparable power of analysis and resolution. This stands in sharp contrast to the early stages of mental development wherein the mind does little more than provide an example of cleverness and works to hide or conceal its inconsistencies, flaws and fallacies. True comprehension of serious matters is the result of a mind properly trained and disciplined under Saturn.

Although under Saturn increased mental agility and energy create a voracious appetite for knowledge at a young age, the labor and effort of learning is found to be distasteful. The Twin easily grasps almost everything requiring intelligence and mental dexterity, and is often able to marry this with manual skills. Their concrete intellect is strongly analytical and sometimes gives them so great an ability to see both sides of a question that they vacillate and find it hard to make decisions. If faced with difficulties they have little persistence and determination to worry at a problem until they find a solution—they will rather find out the answers from other people.

As a general rule, this mental temperament or disposition remains dissatisfied. In speaking, expression is exceedingly clear, logical and rational. Although there may also be real eloquence, there is still the natural Saturnian tendency to be pedantic, repetitive and doctrinaire. Arguments are often won not on their true merit but simply due to the superior ability of the mind to rationalize. This can be excellent in accounting or legal affairs.

The Geminian mind rejoices in its own cleverness. Always operating within a known set of parameters, the unevolved mental type is limited by the safeguards of self-devised truth. The individual capacity for logical mental process is enjoyed in and of itself, quite devoid of moral or ethical considerations. At the third step, Saturn can certainly produce a truly wicked mind which works in improper ways. What we see exhibited in the undeveloped type is a mind which is unscrupulous, shallow, superficial, and one which often degenerates into scheming and trickery.

The positive qualities of the evolved Geminian mind are its capacity for abstract reasoning and its ability to theorize and speculate. Advanced thinkers possess an understanding of relativity, demonstrating a wide view on all abstract questions. They have a keen, intuitive, brilliant intelligence and love cerebral challenges. They have a diligent capacity for rigorous analysis and reasoning, great mental fertility, creativity and agility.

Eventually the Geminian acquires a fineness of perception and is capable of observing the intimate details and minute differences of any type of artistic work, musical composition or other creative expression. They are skillful in communication, have facility with language, the power to vocalise and the ability to render thought into word, along with the power to manipulate.

They seem to be incessantly mentally active with complex involved thought processes and are certainly resourceful, highly analytical, discriminative, strategic, critical, qualifying, inductive, empirical, planning and calculating. They are intricate weavers of thought. Many teachers, scientists, media personalities, journalists and writers come under the Saturnian mental influence.

Under this influence the incarnated soul will eventually produce the expression of an enduring, if not an endearing, mind. The Geminian learns to acquire a mental grip and to make decisions without allowing the attention to wander. Restlessness and the tendency to boredom are overcome through definite forms of mental focus and well-directed, useful and constructive work. This would seem to be contrary to the apparent basic nature of the sign, but is accounted for by Saturn’s influence.

Mentally-developed Geminians possess a fluid and analytical understanding of men, measures and circumstances. The best type is high-minded, modest and enterprising, and acts beyond reproach with dignity and respect. They are engaged in the search for truth through pure intellect and are well suited to determining the constant variation of conditions. Being particularly aware of the relativity of truth, they express this awareness through their ability to qualify according to situation or parameter.

In the final stage upon the Ordinary Wheel, Saturn offers the needed resistance and obstacles necessary to produce a basic and fundamental revolution and reversal in the thinking of the dualistic Geminian personality consciousness. This is the force which will produce the changes needed for the evolution of the inner light of the soul, prepare the way for the eventual resolution of duality into a fluid synthesis and "the freedom of the two".

At this juncture, it is time for the power of the Geminian personality to begin to wane while that of the higher Self waxes and grows. The subjective psychological process whereby the transmutation of duality into unity occurs really commences, because only now is it possible to initiate the process of personality and soul at-one-ment.

It is possible because the use of the concrete mind as the mediator within the personality—conditioning and controlling the entire personality life—is completely developed. An agile facility for analyzing and distinguishing between the self and the not-self, and the ability to recognize, pick or choose and emphasize the "me and you" is now being consciously worked upon. Unconscious struggle under the direction of the personality life is over. Personality integration and the successful control of the mortal self has been achieved.

In other words the inner man is now conscious of himself and of his relation to the physical plane environment. Now is the time for the establishment of right relation between the soul and the brain, and between the mortal self and the immortal self. When consummated, the fluid versatile changeable personality will become truly self-directed, governing all tendencies to lost motion and misdirected change. Fluidity of relationship and preservation of the magnetic interplay hold hid the key to one-pointed spiritual aspiration, orientation and direction.

During the Reverse Wheel cycle beginning on the next rung of the ladder, the fourth, the evolved Geminian subject will carry this process of higher relationship forward with rapidity, leading ultimately to complete soul control. Thus the developing purpose of the soul unfolds, ranging all the way from purely animal desire, through selfish human ambition, to the struggle of the aspiring disciple seeking liberation.

The stage has been set for the period wherein the intellect is to be illumined by the light of the soul. Now the conscious recognition of the duality of soul and its form commences the process of soul interplay.

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