Gemini Second Decan

Second decan Gemini born between June 1 and June 10. For a people born between 1st June and 10th June the planetary ruler is Venus. They are objective regarding most things, and will try to get to the root of the matters before judging. They love to make other people happy, and even enjoy it. Those born under this influence are charismatic, creative, and charming. They have well developed communication skills, and they easily attain any goal they set their vision at. They have an ability to attract many people to them, plus, they are equally good in one-to-one situations. On the downside though, these people usually have confused thoughts.

The second Decan Gemini personality is characterized by charm, charisma and creativity. Their natural charm and charisma can get them anything they set their mind to and they can create great success in any number of career paths. They have very good communication skills and have a high degree of creativity so they can become a highly successful creative writer, actor or entertainer. Any career that combines charm, natural charisma and brilliant communication skills, is great for them.

They are very attractive to many and enjoys in social situations. People born under this influence are the perfect host when throwing parties and can instantly make people feel comfortable at home or in their company. They are very good with crowds but equally good in one to one situations. Their only fault maybe their scattered thoughts, they can be extremely focused sometimes and ridiculously scatter brained at others.

Gemini Second Decan - Emotional Man of Venus

Venus reveals the desire and natural urge for union and the merging of the pairs of opposites. At the beginning of the second step, the outward pull of mass consciousness and the call of the social life become dominant. Not only shallow and incompetent in personal love-making but in all manner of relations, the early stage of emotional growth is so bewildering, dismaying and perplexing it is easy to understand why the average Geminian ever attempts to avoid complicated relations.

Constant craving for variety and impatience of repetition or sameness is their natural tendency. Deplorably lacking in persistence and tenacity, they carry half-formed fanatical views. As yet heedless, unintelligent, inchoate and easily imposed upon, the young Twin is engulfed by dreams of glamour and illusion which are self-evoked and self-related. These misguided social enthusiasts and dilettantes are prone to travesty of every type, lack common sense, continually love to dwell on their own personal achievements and ceaselessly iterate the first personal pronoun.

In love the Twin is fickle, not intentionally so but because of the basic inconstancy of their emotional nature, which has an amoral aspect to it. One part of them becomes deeply involved emotionally, but there is also a part that cannot abide any form of sentimentality or romanticism and takes an attitude of humorous derision towards all protagonists including themselves, while analyzing the whole situation from an intellectual viewpoint.

Young subjects under Venus in the emotional decan seemingly take nothing seriously and never enter into anything with depth or gravity. Truly, they are superficial lightweights in the surest sense of the term. Therefore in love, despite their temporary depth of feeling, the intensity of involvement lasts only a short while. At first they are light-hearted, cool, flirtatious, unimaginative and incomprehending of the pain they inflict upon others. They thrive on gossip, enjoy intrigue and the excitement of the chase, but once the prey is caught they lose interest and look around for the next creature to pursue.

The impelling urge of the Geminian is the satisfaction of unrealized desires; although sometimes this path leads to dismay and even disgust. Twins will always thoroughly favor themselves by playfully participating in the fulfilment of their desires, fantasies or imaginative life. Vanity and egotism are problems here because Twins always imagine that they are not loved, understood or appreciated, and so become at times, excessively mean and exacting to those around them.

An inability to refrain from all manner of personal desire and sexual experience leads to an unmitigated demonstration of selfish personality forces, self-aggrandizement, self-gratification and self-enforcement. Venus stimulates the creation of a powerful wish-life. As desire for sexual gratification is keen, so sexual imagination and the urge for satisfaction are exceedingly potent.

Twins begin the process of developing definite likes and dislikes and will orient themselves toward seeking out someone to love. Sometimes they seek out those towards whom they bear ill will and create opportunities to inflict harm upon those they hate or resent. Known for ill-judged acts and constant argument, they are not shy of conflict and warfare. They have a knack for provoking frequent clashes of opinion with others. In effect they are self-centered egotists.

Although naturally disinclined towards physical violence or attack, they nonetheless do desire to considerably influence those around them. In the main they achieve this through verbal argument. Often they are caustic in their criticism of others. Basically the Twin in the emotional decan is a coward whose first and foremost concern is the safety of his own "skin".

In all cases they prefer that someone else do their fighting for them. Otherwise they attempt to passively adapt to existing material circumstances. Initially the Geminian is deplorably weak emotionally and lacks the strength to resist outside pressure, so rather than pushing aside obstacles or problems they sidestep them in order to avoid physical danger, harm or conflict.

The Geminian is inclined to inflict his or her moods, depressions and emotional reactions in a harmful way upon others. Daily conduct, words and thoughts are destructive and negative as violent feelings, fervors and misplaced or misdirected enthusiasm are directed outwards. Not interested in self-discipline, they create inharmonious conditions and are unable to eliminate wrong states of consciousness. In the emotional decan the Twin has a natural forté for destabilizing people and circumstances. Known for their narrow horizons or total lack of vision, they certainly do not demonstrate poise or skill in action.

If antagonistic personal feelings and desires or negative attitudes are encountered, the Twin rebels and strikes out with an astonishing amount of cold-blooded selfishness and cruelty, especially against their own children, brothers, sisters, family, friends or associates. When their wishes, desires or suggestions are not followed, children of the sign are notorious for the intensity of their emotional outbursts. Tears, tantrums, or any other ploy may be used. When threatened they will call on a special bigger friend or gang to ensure easy victory.

Exaggeration and the general tendency to counter any criticism are very strong indeed, for they are based upon an unconscious need for perfect expression. Sympathetic appreciation for their feelings is welcome, but it is impossible for them to put themselves in the place of others and they refuse to take a back seat.

If inferiorly treated in any manner in some relationship, they feel very used and angry and express their anger, not being inclined to suffer in silence. When friends or neighbors find it impossible to understand or sympathise with the extent of their suffering, a misery of martyrdom is characteristically displayed with tremendous emotional intensity.

Geminians can be very dull, monotonous, quarrelsome idle prattlers, boasters, liars, cheats and scandal mongers. The hallmark traits of the astral Twin are jealousy, obsessiveness, lack of realism and profound lack of awareness. They can be stupid, tactless and intolerant. They can exhibit a real meanness and display a demanding temperament, uncongenial feelings, doubts and difficulties which prevent the establishment of peace, comfort, harmony or tranquility.

Geminians are certainly not known for affection, gratitude or loyalty. They are also slow to discharge debts, as the true value of old associations remains unappreciated and unacknowledged. Bad listeners, they are deaf to sensible advice, resent the suggestions of others and are prone to rapid and sudden changes of thought, feeling and action. Usually they are strikingly deficient in memory.

Lacking in self-criticism, the emotionally undeveloped Twin is impatient, nervous, restless, extreme, temperamental, distracted, trouble-making, forgetful, stressed, demanding, anxious, chaotic, undependable, preoccupied, insensitive, overzealous, inconsistent, erratic, troubled, manipulative, self-satisfied, indecisive, intolerably indulgent, unapproachable, provocative and self-destructive.

In less serious situations they make witty, entertaining companions and pleasant acquaintances rather than friends. On the active or positive side the Geminian emotional disposition is energetic, exciting, expressive, attractive, sensuous, convincing, and when mature can be impressively incisive.

The advanced temperament is creative, committed, quick, expansive, adaptable, artistic, entertaining, charming, imaginative, adventuresome, ambitious, clever, shrewd, persuasive, lively, influential, rousing and charismatic. Twins possess a constant craving for joy, pleasure and variety and so seek novelty, entertainment, romance and excitement.

Their desire to spend and to acquire is always in excess of their means. Even when wealthy or relatively comfortable this type is hampered by some self-endowed sense of being underprivileged and in permanent poverty. When money is owed to them they appear very business-like and demand payment immediately. Their occasional or infrequent outbreaks of lavish generosity are balanced by—and used as a justification for—subsequent meanness and the assertion of selfish demands.

The astral imagination should not be suppressed in the Geminian and everything should be done to encourage composure through proper training; but drudgery or routine is not for the Twin. Masquerade, the love of pretending, acting, modeling, dating and dancing can be positively encouraged along constructive creative lines. Dreams and the imagination indicate the character trends and real experience projected into the astral. Unexpressed longings must be brought to the surface while unrealized desires should seek and find expression.

Twins love best to be found at the center of joyous activity and merry play, and like everything to proceed peacefully, happily and brightly until they strike the keynote of change within themselves much to the consternation and discomfort of others.

In the final analysis, the inherent urge to find contentment in the environment and immediate circumstances promotes an appreciation of and satisfaction with the bounty that life freely supplies. The path of emotional development stretches between the extremes of psychical anguish and joy.

Ultimately, the gift of the Geminian consciousness is its ability to best stimulate, refresh and revive the dejected and sinking spirits of their fellows to fresh incentive and new efforts. The steadfast upholding of sound dogma concerning life and religion is then demonstrated, along with the qualities of faith, duty and trust.

A source of happiness and refreshment to those who live, work and associate with them, they teach others how to share and enjoy life with its infinite variety and gifts of diverse richness. Holding strong beliefs and convictions, they enter into occupations and pursuits wholeheartedly, seeking sympathetic companionship, appreciation, response and support.

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