Gemini and Virgo Compatibility

With both signs ruled by Mercury, is Gemini and Virgo compatibility a foregone conclusion? How does the Healer relate to the Communicator, and is this a tale of happy ever after? Well, both signs can certainly talk, that’s for sure, but all too often they are talking at crossed purposes.

Other than their shared rulership, there’s not that much similarity between Gemini and Virgo. Compatibility doesn’t have to depend upon similarities, of course, but there’s also not enough of a difference between the two signs to make for a magnetic attraction – Gemini and Virgo are neither different enough nor alike enough for the magic to happen without some effort on both parts. Some star sign matches work more easily than others, but for Gemini and Virgo, compatibility has to be won.

Essentially, the Gemini and Virgo relationship is a battle of wills between the careful, wise and cautious Healer of the zodiac and the zany, playful, devilish Communicator. It’s almost as if Virgo is the parent and Gemini is the child, and it will almost certainly feel that way to the Virgo partner rather more often that it should. For Gemini and Virgo compatibility requires a balance between responsibility and freedom. Virgo is horrified by Gemini’s casual attitude to life, while Gemini finds Virgo slightly stuffy and far too fussy. There’s also a conflict going on between the routines beloved by Virgo and the spontaneity so essential to the Gemini way of life.

The Virgo partner’s serious side can frighten free wheeling Gemini off before the relationship has even really begun, so the Virgo partner must be careful to bide their time and not be too demanding of commitment. Gemini can learn to commit, but it has to be on their terms, not to someone else’s command. Freedom in this way is important to Gemini and Virgo compatibility efforts must respect that. Once the relationship is settled, Virgo can bring depth and solidity to Gemini’s airy fairy ideas, and Gemini can bring a valuable chill out factor to Virgo, helping the Healer to relax and heal him or herself as well as others. Virgo and Gemini compatibility, in this way, is actually a very good thing for both partners, but it’s not reached without a struggle.

Sexually, this couple are a curious mix of playfulness and inhibition. Virgo is an earth sign and has plenty of sensuality to offer, but only once he or she feels secure and loved. Gemini brings a joyfulness and exuberance to sex, but doesn’t take the time to woo and seduce Virgo. Passion can burn brightly between these two eventually, but like everything else in this relationship, it’s not an easy win. For Gemini and Virgo compatibility in the bedroom is a bonus rather than the main point of their relationship.

Gemini and Virgo Compatibility Scores

Gemini and Virgo is a relationship which is highly dependant on compromise, however you are both gifted in this area. The low scores represent the initial compatibility of this match. However, if you can both adapt to the others style this is a relationship which will improve steadily over time, and eventually rival any other match.

Zodiac SignsCompatibilityLoveCommunication
Gemini and VirgoMediumMediumMedium

Gemini and Virgo Relationships

A first Gemini and Virgo date will be magical and casual. A theme park, ice bar or carriage ride. Gemini likes fun and unusual activities. Virgo likes easygoing fun. However, Virgo expects good manners and classy attire no matter where they are going.

To attract a Gemini, be friendly and engage in fascinating and challenging conversation. Gemini leads an active lifestyle. Virgo must display their adventurous side. Easily bored with routine, this Gemini lover will move on to a new active relationship.

A passionate woman lies underneath the controlled reserve of Virgo. She wants to be courted, impressed, and treated patiently. The Virgo lover is conservative and won’t get into a long-term relationship until every angle has been analyzed. Once a love match is made, she is committed for life.

Virgo men have pretty much the same nature. A calm exterior hides emotions, worries and covers insecurity. Gemini lady will have to show her loyalty and gain his trust. He needs a classy woman who is stable but will move him emotionally. Virgos aren’t very romantic, and quite predictable, but they do like sex.

The Gemini is a passionate and physical lover. The sensual connection for the Gemini lover is hands and arms. Virgo’s is the tummy. In the beginning sex with the Virgo will be direct and pretty straightforward. Things get more sensual in the bedroom as the relationship deepens.

The Virgo is typically shy and often modest. Eventually, Virgo will show the hidden sensuality. Not wanting fancy moves, experimentation may come as the relationship develops. Phone sex and sexting works well with this love match. Gemini likes the dominate role and Virgo easily assumes the passive role.

Virgo can share a strong marriage once trust is establish with Gemini. These lovers must keep a strong physical desire and tenderness in the bedroom. Level headed Virgo may see Gemini as irresponsible, and Gemini can tire of Virgo’s stability and stray from the relationship. Although Gemini and Virgo are incompatible signs, there is a good chance that these two signs will end up in a long-term relationship or even marriage.

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