Tiger Gemini

Social, courageous, and unpredictable, those born under the sign of Tiger Gemini are always looking for new experiences. This is a passionate but restless sign that relies on their own community or network of acquaintances to help them through life. In return, members of this sign provide charm, wit, passion, and communication to those around them. Their contributions may not be as obvious or straightforward as those of their peers, but when they are gone the community can easily notice the difference.

Tiger Gemini are emotional and often guide themselves by their instincts rather than logic. They have little interest in doing things the way that others have done them in the past and are constantly on the lookout for new ideas. Members of this sign have a reputation for being impatient and indecisive. They often spread themselves too thin, trying to take on many tasks at once. This carries over into their social lives where others have a hard time getting their attention on a regular basis. Tiger Gemini are always on the move and always looking for their next obsession.

Some may think that members of this sign are self-centered, but it would be more correct to call them self-focused. They make contributions to their environment in subtle ways, and can be very influential among their communities. However, they tend to do everything with a focus on how it can benefit them. Luckily Tiger Gemini are fairly idealistic and humanitarian, so what benefits them usually ends up benefiting others as well.

Tiger Gemini Traits

You are par excellence a sociable nature. You give very great importance to your relationships with others, who appreciate your ease, your youth of mind, and your witty remarks. Thanks to your brilliant intelligence, you could have triumphed over all difficulties at school, and your curiosity is a great asset in your learning. However, by being interested in too many things, you may sometimes find it difficult to make a choice.

You’re lively, impetuous, and even brusque at times, with a vindictive and quarrelsome side. But one forgives you easily for you only fight for your ideas and you’re at the same time sincere and paradoxical.

You can very well manage your life and use people and things. Very clever, you generally succeed in extricating yourself from difficult situations. But you may happen to come near catastrophes because of your tendency to dash headlong into too risky undertakings.

In work, whatever concerns topicality suits you well. You also feel at ease in communication jobs. But routine discourages you and neutralizes all your means.

Possessing the art of playing with hearts, you multiply operations of charm and accumulate conquests. It would be inexact to think that you like to make suffer; but as habits and monotony tire you quickly, you need to renew yourself with new love affairs.

Gemini Combinations