Snake Gemini

Snake Gemini know how to express themselves. Their grasp of language is second to none and they can use this to get what they want in life. They aren’t particularly boisterous or loud (unless they’ve had a few drinks, then look out), but they know what to say and when to say it. Snake Gemini are also excellent writers. No matter what form or language they choose, this sign can always argue their point with grace and poise.

Perhaps because of this natural talent they can also be a bit manipulative. Snake Gemini are naturally deep thinkers, but they can be moody, and this combination can lead to imaginative fantasies about how others are doing them wrong or how they are not getting what they deserve in life. The side effect is often anger, jealousy and other unnecessary drama. Snake Gemini never forget a slight, and will plot their revenge for months, though they rarely actually act on these fantasies. More likely they will use their vast vocabulary to chastise their enemies with sharp words and scathing rebukes.

It’s true that Snake Gemini can be led to superficiality. All that strategizing and persuading their way into getting what they want can cause them to forget what’s really important in life. Luckily members of this sign are good at recognizing when they are out of balance and will usually disappear from acquaintances for a time until they can realign themselves.

Snake Gemini Traits

Your personality is very attractive on the whole. Indeed, you’ve much charm, lightness, intelligence as well as exquisite grace. You also possess a real gift for creating and maintaining harmonious and warm relations. Having a great need to please and charm all those around you, you’re very concerned about the opinion and sensitiveness of others by taking care to act with as little egoism as possible. Friendships play a capital role in your destiny. You obtain much owing to your charm. And you never stay alone.

You’ve artistic gifts in profusion, notably for dancing, photography, for all that’s related to cinema, show business, and industries of luxury. Faraway countries can hold certain importance for you, and part of your career or life can take place abroad. You’ve pretty much chance in the professional domain, especially thanks to supports and favors which present themselves.

Romantic and imaginative at the same time, you generally enter marriage at an early age or on the spur of the moment. Despite your good will at the start of a union, your faithfulness is not without fail. But you love children and will do everything to render them bloomed and happy. Remarriage never frightens you.

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