Rooster Gemini

Those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the Rooster Gemini like to be straight to the point. Some may say they are blunt to a fault. Like their animal namesake, members of this sign often speak without realizing what they are saying. This can lead to some funny moments as well as some offensive ones. Rooster Gemini don’t intend to be rude, they are just very observant, honest, and straightforward, so they end up saying whatever is on their mind without considering the repercussions. Some learn to embrace this nature and incorporate their cutting observances into their sense of humor (such as famous Rooster Gemini and comedian Joan Rivers), while others eventually learn to keep their strong opinions to themselves (as best they can).

This is a highly independent sign that listens to their instincts rather than following the status quo. Luckily they are naturally street-smart and their instincts are usually right on target. Rooster Gemini like to dress nicely and though they pretend they don’t, they actually do care how others perceive them. Members of this sign tend to be constantly on the move and are always trying to accomplish something with their time. This can make them appear distracted and disorganized, but they are actually quite focused in their own way. Rooster Gemini long for the good life and love to dream about the fabulous lifestyle they will someday live.

Rooster Gemini Traits

You’re endowed with powerful and penetrating intelligence. You grasp everything quickly and let nothing pass. With your extreme critical sense, you readily perceive the weaknesses of others and manifest no indulgence toward them. You cannot bear stupid and fearful people, and you like to force your interlocutors to become conscious.

You’re by no means an open book for others. And yet, you fascinate them, a fascination which can be dangerous inasmuch as you don’t yourself know to which point you’re sincere. Your love of paradox sometimes leads you very far, and one would do well not to follow you through, especially when you flirt briskly with death.

On the career plane, you’re gifted for taking advantage of the competences of others and taking judicious risks. Never abandoning what you’ve undertaken, you can set up complicated combinations or businesses which require much cleverness. You’re a fine tactician under rather candid appearances.

Heartwise, you’re clearly more rational than sensual, but this does not prevent you from sometimes committing follies which you’ll regret immediately. There are many make-believes and subterfuges in your love life. Jealousy constitutes a serious risk in your affective relationships.

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