Rat Gemini

Those born under the sign of the Rat Gemini are restless, self-reliant, and expressive. They value honesty and integrity in others and are quick to judge those who don’t live up to their expectations. Members of this sign require social interaction with others who can keep up with their active minds, which can be challenging to find. They tend to be opinionated and like to gossip about others, but simultaneously have a deep fear of being judged by others.

Rat Gemini have an easy time making money and an even easier time spending it. For all of their success, they end up having little to show for it as they are constantly buying new toys, gadgets, and clothes. The curious Rat Gemini gets excited by new releases of movies, music, books, and technology. Living in and enjoying the current moment is more important to them than thinking about the future, which can have good and bad effects. On the bright side they tend to enjoy their lives more than their stressed-out peers, but their impulsive nature can also lead them to make poor decisions in regards to their health, personal relationships, and bank accounts.

Rat Gemini Traits

You’re very unstable and changeable. You need to be always on the move, physically as well as mentally. You only live in the present moment, forgetting your experiences immediately and getting rid of your memories as quickly as possible. You change ideas as you do shirts, which renders you difficult to understand by others; besides, you willingly take a malicious pleasure in disconcerting your circle of acquaintances.

Your great stumbling block in life is probably your agility and your ease. Indeed, having too many ideas but not enough roots, you understand too quickly and want to do too many things at the same time. With your meddlesome propensity and tendency to consider everything as a game, your multiple gifts are generally exploited only superficially — and this is a pity since you can achieve great things if you force yourself to follow a precise method. If you aren’t careful, your cleverness could even return against you and make your life serrated, for even though you’re intelligent you’re also superficial.

You loathe people who take themselves seriously or who disturb you. Your egoism is enormous, but you’ve a permanent need of a public. Your taste for communication helps you have an audience.

Heartwise, you’ve the desire to please everybody and to charm. You indulge cheerfully in innumerable flirtations, and you get out of them with the same suddenness and in the same casual way. Your union may run the risk of becoming complicated with parallel liaisons. In any case, intellectual exchanges and cronies are more important to your eyes than love.

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