Rabbit Gemini

Those born under the sign of Rabbit Gemini are friendly and energetic. They love being around people and live for social gatherings. This is a very creative sign that loves to experience art as much as they like creating it. Members of this sign are somewhat contradictory, however. For one thing, they open themselves to their friends as good listeners, yet they are troubled by the problems of others.

A Rabbit Gemini will absorb the difficulties around them and internalize them. They also like to get involved in other people’s business yet they shy away from confrontations and conflicts that arise from this activity. Also contradictory, they prefer being in familiar places yet they long to explore the world.

Rabbit Gemini’s love learning about different cultures and languages. They fantasize about traveling to distant lands and having new experiences, but in reality they get a bit uncomfortable being away from home for too long. Because of this, many members of this sign stay in their hometowns but research other cultures and countries tirelessly. Expect to see coffee table books on foreign art and history in your Rabbit Gemini friend’s home.

Rabbit Gemini Traits

What one cannot fail to notice first of all in you is your intelligence, your cleverness, and your rapidity of assimilation. But it’s perhaps these very gifts that incline you a little too much toward nervousness and cerebralism. Your personality therefore lacks some spontaneity and fantasy.

You’ve a great need of movement and change. A life which is well regulated and without unexpected events is not what suits you. It’s why, if you earn money easily, you spend it very quickly for your pleasure or for your friends.

Professional success comes along early in your life, especially if you had made a choice in an intellectual career. Often gifted for writing or teaching, it’s in journalism, publicity, or propagation of knowledge that you can do well and make a fortune. You’re also very clever in the domains of commerce or business. But you’ve a tendency to scatter yourself in all directions.

In love, your fear of being swindled often prevents you from granting your confidence and letting yourself go. This can harm your happiness. Indeed you constantly need to be reassured and encouraged. Your relations tend to be more intellectual than passionate.

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