Pig Gemini

Like their animal namesake, people born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the Pig Gemini seem like they never sleep. Though this is obviously not true, this sign has a mind that doesn’t shut off easily. Any Pig Gemini will tell you that most of their best ideas come to them right before they drift off to sleep. These ideas are often so exciting that the Pig Gemini has to get up and write it down or work on a solution immediately. They are prone to staying up late, though they are often working on a project rather than simply goofing around.

Pig Gemini’s are intellectuals who like to explore and experiment with new ideas and theories. Unlike similarly intellectual signs, like the Seal, members of this sign are very polite in social situations and like nothing more than getting into a theoretical discussion about something scientific or otherwise cerebral. For this reason, this sign is often that of self-proclaimed “nerds”, but most Pig Gemini are simply too likable for such a derisive label.

That said, don’t be surprised at all to find a member of this sign fascinated by science fiction, fantasy, or astronomy. If anyone you know is going to be able to recite the Starfleet Academy’s motto in perfect Klingon and simultaneously know how uncool it is to do so - that person is very likely a Pig Gemini.

Pig Gemini Traits

Generally, your start in life is long and painstaking, for you need numerous years to acquire maturity and self-assurance. Also often you encounter a handicap or familial problems from the beginning. No wonder if you have difficulties getting out of childhood and if you remain more or less a big baby for a long time. Faced with the problems which life poses you, you often feel distraught, not knowing to cling to something else than the limited circle of your family.

You possess much imagination and many creative possibilities. But without an external support or imposed discipline you run the risk of wasting your numerous gifts by remaining floating, indecisive, and vague. You manifestly lack practical sense and a good dose of punch. But you can’t prevent yourself from suffering if you find yourself confined to mediocrity.

In the career field, you’ve happy intuitions and the sense of what pleases the public. Your chance ordinarily comes from your family or inspired sympathies. Fortune can present itself to you but keeps a fluctuating character, for you cannot say "no" to those who solicit you.

In love, you easily let yourself be swept by your runaway imagination and overbrimming emotions. Basically, you look more for a protecting, reassuring affection than for the demands of passion. Your family sense is very much developed, and all your entire universe could simply consist of your home.

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