Monkey Gemini

If there is one word that defines people born under the sign of the Monkey Gemini it is “excitement”. This is a sign that needs to be mentally challenged on a regular basis. Whether that challenge comes from studying their latest favorite subject or simply trying to outwit others, these are highly social individuals that always have a lot going on. Monkey Gemini are know-it-alls, but not because they care to impress others, they simply love facts and love to talk, so naturally they often have a lot to share. If you have a friends that loves to gossip, loves to talk about the latest news story, or even sends you the newest, coolest YouTube videos over Instant Messenger (which they are always on), there’s a good chance that person is a Monkey Gemini.

With all of their vast knowledge and ability to figure out new things quickly, others are often surprised at how disorganized and messy a Monkey Gemini can be. Members of this sign absolutely hate being bogged down with maintenance tasks such as cleaning, paying the bills, or even reading all of their mail. If a Monkey Gemini exercises it is because they like the expression of energy and the way it makes them feel, not because they should be doing it for their health.

Monkey Gemini are very intelligent, but can have a hard time fitting into society. They aren’t rebels, they just want to live each moment as it comes. The worst thing in the world for this sign is the possibility of missing out on a unique experience. To Monkey Gemini, the world is a fascinating place with endless mysteries to explore. Boredom is like a prison for them, where they feel trapped and desperate to break out. Luckily they stay busy and social enough to avoid feeling bored most of the time.

Monkey Gemini Traits

One has to deal here with a kind of Gemini squared. Your personality is clearly marked with intelligence, inventiveness, easy communication. Everything in you takes place at the cerebral level — idea takes precedence over achievements, and projects over constructions.

Innumerable ideas incessantly swarm in your mind. Many of them are valuable, but they are generally so much in advance on their times that it’s difficult for you to exploit them. In other words, you’re a person of genius but run the risk of seeing your talent go to waste if you don’t have the support of someone who’s well based on the concrete.

Your mind is independent, juvenile, and perpetually in motion. As you never leave your motor at rest, you’re vulnerable to fits of nervous exhaustion. You need a bloomed affective life, which will serve as a counterbalance and support in difficult moments or life’s inevitable disappointments.

Professional and material success is perfectly accessible to you if you show necessary relentlessness and if you secure indispensable supports. Your major handicap would be to let yourself adopt facility solutions. You can make a career in speech, writing, or the arts, but on condition to control your tendency to dilettantism.

Heartwise, you like to please everybody, which can render you inconstant. In any case, it’s mutual understanding and friendship that form the basis of your affective and amorous relations.

Gemini Combinations