Horse Gemini

In the animal kingdom, Horse Gemini must keep moving constantly or they will suffocate and die. This is an apt metaphor for people born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the same name. Members of this sign are the most restless of the Primal Zodiac and need a constant stream of new experiences to keep them mentally healthy. This is a very outgoing sign that never tires of new people, places, and adventures.

Horse Gemini are extremely social and love to talk almost as much as they love to be talked about. In truth, Horse Gemini are a bit self-centered and have little interest in subjects that don’t at least indirectly affect them. They don’t intend to be rude, it’s just that they have so many interests and such a lust for life that they don’t want to feel bogged down by anything outside of their immediate scope of thought. They do have tempers, though, which come out when they are either bored or not getting what they want. Horse Gemini can be downright mean spirited when they are having an “off” day. Luckily this doesn’t happen too often.

Members of this sign have a lot of hobbies, and need to regularly exercise both the body and the mind to stay balanced. More so than any other sign, Horse Gemini lose interest quickly in their pursuits and will ditch any project at any point in favor of whatever interests them more. They are more cunning than they are intelligent, which is why many of them end up doing well in school without really trying. Horse Gemini are always looking for corners to cut and steps to skip, and are usually able to do so successfully. Getting things done quickly is more important than getting them done right.

Horse Gemini Traits

Many types coexist in you — one would get lost in trying to understand you, and you’d get lost yourself too! Should one take you for an idealistic cynic or a cynical idealist? You’re by turns charming and irritating, motionless and restless, lymphatic and nervous. Your personality is all a tissue of contrasts and contradictions. It pleases you to say whatever things just in order to provoke reactions in others. The only constant element of your character: you refuse to take yourself seriously, to let yourself be moved despite your real emotivity. Precise and meticulous, you let no one really have an advantage over you.

Rather dilettante, you experience continuous ups and downs in your material situation, but this doesn’t affect you overly. Your professional career is serrated, with periods of great activity alternating with hollow periods. You can get out of difficult situations with great cleverness, and you always manage to be back on your feet.

In love, you prefer the transitory to the durable. Nothing is ever definitive with you for you get bored quickly. You like to play with hopes and hearts. However, unions and marriage have a capital influence on the course of your destiny. You’ve a gift for arousing great devotions.

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