Goat Gemini

Goat Gemini are sweet, caring, and always know the right thing to say. They are always pointing others toward the positives in life, though they themselves are prone to anxiety and depression. While they don’t care if they look tough or not, Goat Gemini hate to look weak, afflicted, or in any other way not living the perfect life. They try very hard to be there for others, but hate to ask for help when they need it.

Members of this sign are not great with money, though they always seem to acquire it when they really need it. Goat Gemini like to own nice clothes, cars, and homes and don’t mind spending the money to do so. They are smart and often go far in education, but they can be a little scatterbrained at times. While Goat Gemini are very caring and involved with friends and family they can also become resentful if this caring becomes expected of them. They like to give of themselves as a gift to others but don’t feel comfortable having others rely on them.

Goat Gemini Traits

What most characterizes your personality is imprecision. One can never know how to go about you. Everything in you is only confusion, instability, insouciance, and contradictions. Very shrewd is the one who’s not mistaken on your account! One is often inclined to credit you with many altruistic feelings, whereas in actuality you only have all superficial generosity, the one which above all consists of assuring you of peace and comfortable relations with others. Your egoism is monumental and monolithic; but it nevertheless does not prevent you from having fits of devotion under certain circumstances.

You try as much as possible to shirk responsibilities and worries. You prefer to let them to the care of others, and you succeed rather well in this endeavor. You’re also endowed with much intuition, which helps you take advantage of the chance which you don’t always deserve but which manifests itself regularly.

In your work, it’s by moving that you attract the best opportunities. The jobs of intermediary, representative or actor suit you better than routine.

You’re never afraid of having an inconsequential comportment in the sentimental domain. You arouse affection and love by playing at the misunderstood. The profoundly introspective side to your character can give your love affairs a tortured and torturing aspect.

Gemini Combinations