Dragon Gemini

In nature, Dragon Gemini move so fast that they seem to defy the laws of physics. This is an apt metaphor for the Primal Zodiac sign of Dragon Gemini - a sign whose members are constantly moving and darting from place to place. Those born under this sign are full of energy. They want to do everything and do it on a grand scale. When they come up with a goal, they immediately follow it, unconcerned with whether or not it is reasonable or even possible. To a Dragon Gemini, anything is possible, at least as long as they are the ones doing it.

It’s hard to get a member of this sign to change their mind. They are constantly thinking, constantly doing, and they have an enormous amount of self-confidence. Sometimes this can get them into trouble since they often leap before they look, but they are also a lucky sign whose unbridled belief in themselves causes most situations to work out in their favor.

Dragon Gemini need to be in control. They don’t like taking orders and usually decide to do things their own way no matter what the orders are. They also love to talk, and are often gossiping about others. This isn’t done to be rude, it’s just that the Dragon Gemini loves to be the one to get to share new information. Finding out through the grapevine is not their style.

Dragon Gemini Traits

You’re probably one of the best gifted persons of the Chinese and Western zodiacs. And this is often your drama! Indeed, if you can succeed in practically everything, you also have an interest in everything, whence difficulties of choice. In fact, you can know success only if you can manage to fix yourself and to devote your energy to a well defined art or job.

You possess much charm and powerful personal magnetism. One cannot count the number of your friends and acquaintances. However, you can have violent and sudden fits of anger. In spite of your beautiful self-assurance, you are not immune to moments of depression and disarray because you don’t know how to spare your forces or foresee an escape issue.

Having many good ideas and vast projects, you don’t bear mediocrity. You’re extraordinarily gifted for theater acting, painting, writing, and financial matters. You always tend to have too big ideas, which can cause you failures because of lack of means.

Loyal in friendship, you’re rather unstable and indecisive in love. You give your preference to conquests that flatter your prestige or that make you accede to a social or mundane position. Status is an important element in your union or marriage.

Gemini Combinations