Dog Gemini

Those born under the sign of the Dog Gemini are kind, loyal, and intensely curious. The Dog Gemini is the biggest gossip of the Primal Zodiac - they love to talk about everyone and everything that is going on around them. They have no ill will in spreading rumors, they simply love to share the latest news with everyone possible. This sometimes gets them into trouble with more private types, but if this happens Dog Gemini will stop at nothing to make things right. They highly value friendship and loyalty and will do what it takes to right any wrongs that they can.

Dog Gemini are very intelligent and quick witted. They are extremely curious and love to know how things work. They have the ability to master new skills quickly, but they also tend to move on to new projects once they have tired of a previous one. Patience is not their strongest virtue and they have a tendency to worry excessively about things that they have no control or influence over. A fast-moving mind in combination with an inclination for anxiety can be a dangerous cocktail, and when taken to the extreme can turn overly stressed Dog Gemini into conspiracy theorists and paranoid neurotics.

On a normal day this is a very amiable sign that is a tad on the pessimistic side. Dog Gemini must be careful to keep an open mind as they explore life as they have a tendency to get very focused on certain facts and figures that can unintentionally skew the way they see the world. Even dogmatic Dog Gemini, though, have good intentions at heart and truly want most to make a positive contribution to the lives of others.

Dog Gemini Traits

All those who meet you are struck by this essential trait of your character — lucidity. It’s not ordinary, common lucidity, but the one that leaves little room for emotion, which can lead you to incapacity to be roused or to trust. As a consequence, you’ve much practical sense and realism, which forbid you to harbor any fantasy or illusion.

Your sense of responsibilities is very well developed — one can always rely on you. You also have ambition, much tenacity and perseverance. You hate slovenliness, imprecision, botched job, for you want things to be clear and precise.

Your rigorous logic helps you very much in your career. You’ve the gift for tiring your adversaries out or profiting by the least flaw which presents itself. A workaholic, you pursue great activity till your very much advanced age; as a matter of fact, it’s in the second half of your existence that you best succeed. Your patience and sense of diplomacy are remarkable. Science and medicine can bring you fortune.

You tend to sacrifice everything for your professional or social success by giving very little importance to your sentimental happiness. One would like to see you bring more joys and laughters into your affective life.

Gemini Combinations