Gemini Girls

Gemini birthday is for the period from May 22 to June 21. Was your baby born under this sign of the Zodiac? Get ready, you will not be bored — a horoscope assures that the children of Gemini, regardless of gender, are a perpetual mobile. They are interested in everything at once, quickly learn to walk and — oh, horror! — speak. Gemini children by nature are not beeches, which is due to their attitude to life. All problems for this sign seem unreal and insignificant, the prose of their life does not touch the word "absolutely".

Gemini Girl Personality

They are adorable and charming — little Gemini girls are so charming that they will not leave anyone indifferent. You will listen to her with ecstasy and with not passing interest watching it, because there are plenty of ways for your self-expression in crumbs. At the same time with the baby it is necessary to keep an eye out, for the immediacy and external ease of character is hidden the inquisitive mind, which calculates the options, notices all the pitfalls and suppresses the possibility of making mistakes. With a sight at this sign of the Zodiac full order — while others dream of something abstractly distant, Gemini children take note of all that is in immediate proximity to them.

As the horoscope states, a child born under this sign of the Zodiac is just a living storage of information, while he is interested in absolutely everything. With equal attention, the girl will listen to details from the lives of neighbors and scientific explanations about the trajectories of the planets. Her curiosity is absolutely inexhaustible.

The main characteristic of the Gemini sign is changeability. Some duality, inherent in both adults and children, sometimes makes one suspect that under one cover two completely different personalities are hiding. Enough light breeze blowing, little things that are not worth attention — and from a gentle dove, the girl turns into a predatory cat, putting the people around in a dead end similar metamorphosis.

Horoscope assures that the interests of such personalities are just as inconsistent — from active games the child turns to quiet sit-downs with an abstruse book in his hands. However, well-developed thinking does not abolish fine physical data. Children Gemini are capable to amaze with the sports achievements since the young years. Coordination with such guys is excellent, in combination with a subtle mind they are able to conquer a complex computer game — or in a minute to come up with an amazing fantastic story. The brain of babies, whose sign Gemini, is like a flame — it constantly requires information food, and as much as possible.

Gemini Childhood

This sign in childhood does not lack the love of others. Adults adore a lively curious child, parents see in him the embodiment of their own desires and dreams. At the same time, children, despite the apparent fragility of the structure, do not cause any special troubles in terms of character; apparently, optimism at birth is firmly embedded in their aura. However, the health of the girl does not hurt to show a little more attention than other signs. In particular, this applies to nutrition and colds.

Horoscope warns — this sign of the Zodiac rewards born under him increased activity. In one place girls Gemini can not sit quietly — they just get bored and lonely. But in an environment of adults little Gemini bloom. Parents have fun with the fact that the child quickly learned to speak very quickly — it is enough for a child to start asking endless questions, which are often difficult to answer.

Another feature pointed out by the horoscope: the inquisitive mind of children is not too adapted at such a young age to filter the received data, absorbing everything in a row — both good and bad. So, an indecent word escaping from the lips of the little girl is not the norm, but hardly deserves a big surprise. Also, girls of this sign are not very characteristic features inherent in most babies of their age. They do not like playing dolls, preferring instead to run around the streets with neighbor’s boys and arrange a cheerful life for those around them.

Gemini Schoolgirl

Any child sees the trip for the first time in the first class as a significant event, but those whose sign Gemini is experiencing a real shock at this moment. Girls before many realize that this day — the beginning of a completely new life. The school becomes for them a testing ground, where you can fully give vent to your curiosity. Moreover, in addition to coveted knowledge around them a lot of other children, and this is increased communication and, again, a constant influx of information.

However, there is a problem — a horoscope warns that the school is capable of provoking a certain protest in the soul of Gemini. It is forbidden to talk during the lessons, it is not possible to ask the teacher in full pleasure, it is necessary to wait patiently when they deign to summon to the blackboard. Homework as the feeling of novelty passes becomes simply boring, and the child of this impermanent sign begins to actively seek out acceptable exits from the situation, actively using his quick learning skills. Variants can be from "memorize in a hurry" to "peep in the book — somehow let’s slip through". The main thing — more self-confidence.

It is not surprising that with the love of new knowledge and the reluctance to repeat the already learned small representatives of the sign, they hear that their head is light, but they are rather superficial and do not know how to work with the material. And how here not to be offended? Choice of profession — in general, a separate conversation, because the child is interested in many, is able to make an informed choice — and in the process of learning to easily change the mind, up to the rejection of further study.

Gemini Girl’s Youth

As the horoscope assures, an adult girl is still the same child in character, uneasy and restless. And the profession here is relevant, capable of satisfying not only the desire for permanent changes, but also ensuring a constant supply of brain activity. So it is worth thinking in the direction of intellectual or practical spheres of activity — an adult who has grown up can become an excellent journalist, find himself in the hotel business or administration, and the legal profession will do.

The main thing that a horoscope advises not to forget is whether the child, adult, girl or boy, Gemini is always prone to movement and internal anxiety. At the same time, representatives of the sign do not accept strict restrictions. They need to give a certain freedom, to avoid riots on the ship.

About the pliability of the horoscope recommends forgetting only in one case — negligence or the performance of the duties assumed by themselves is inadmissible by half. Having lowered once to the Gemini from hands such a blunder, you provoke it to further repetition of mistakes.

The internal maturation of the Gemini girls occurs quickly enough, for about twenty years they fully realize the imperfection of the world. At the same time they are young enough to be able to succumb to joy. In the end, even an imperfect world is interesting and beautiful!

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