Gemini Boys

The boy whose birthday falls between May 22 and June 21 by the Gemini zodiac sign. Naturally, parents ask themselves — what is the characteristic of this sign, what qualities will be inherent in the baby? A child whose sign is Gemini — Peter Pen. Do you remember this tomboy, who refused to grow up and was a real pain-curious, restless, surprisingly easy to climb, capable of simultaneously captivating and leading to white heat? So imagine what awaits you in the future, if the development of the baby will go according to plan, predicted by the stars.

Gemini Boy Personality

A boy whose sign Gemini is mischievous passionately, this excitement can cause in others as admiration for his ingenuity, and fury, when leprosy touches you directly. Energy from them beats a fountain, these children run incredibly fast — and talk even faster than running around. As a result, all accompanying persons remain far behind. Horoscope assures that Gemini-boys are like a sponge — they seem to be able to absorb what is happening around the whole skin, because they do not have verbal skills of problems. With the boys’ hearing, too, complete order.

If you give a characterization to the Gemini boy, he can be called a brilliant imitator with a rare wit. Quite an ordinary event the child is able to describe in such a way that it is right for a venerable writer to envy. This sign of the Zodiac has a craving for everything unusual and interesting, while his hobbies can be on completely different poles. Today, the child selflessly chases the ball in the yard, and tomorrow he learns scales inspired. To understand his mood and evaluate how much he likes what he is doing at the moment is easy enough — when a tomboy becomes bored, he simply can not sit still. Children, whose sign the Zodiac Gemini, mental stimulation is needed on an ongoing basis.

Gemini Childhood

From an early age, a boy whose Gemini Zodiac sign is able to demonstrate a high adaptability to almost any situation — even if he understands it far from completely. Such a child, finding himself in unfamiliar surroundings, will not fall into a faint precisely — his curiosity, observance and tenacious mind will help to notice and analyze all the available parts of the puzzle, having combined them then into the desired picture.

Horoscope assures that a child born under the sign of Gemini, from a young age, surprises the people around with simply murderous politeness. In addition, these children are very sociable, which attracts more attention. And they are drawn to people like sunflowers to the sun — interest and a positive attitude Gemini absorbs as if life-giving warmth. But periodically there are times when the child of this sign of the Zodiac needs to be alone. The time when the baby is left alone, is devoted to reading, playing with pets, exploring unusual and unfamiliar things… By the way, about things — it is not recommended to leave Gemini-boys alone with items that are dear to your heart, which are untwisted, unscrambled, disassembled. Otherwise, you have all the chances to kill a lot of time to find the necessary details and unite in a single whole.

Horoscope claims that from an early age, representatives of the Zodiac sign, regardless of gender, form their own opinion about both their personality and the world surrounding it. The curiosity with which their nature generously rewarded, becomes a reliable guide to the depths of one’s own mind, where access to the majority of surrounding people is closed.

The Gemini Child, for all its politeness, is capable of being an amazingly tactless creation — and at the same time taking little care of the feelings of the people nearby, it does not intend to offend them intentionally. As the horoscope explains, scolding at such moments of the baby is meaningless, because his mind constantly conducts an active work, hence some incorrectness, sometimes manifested in communication. Most likely, he will take offense at sharp criticism, but the tactfully made remark will be taken seriously.

Stressful situations Gemini is difficult to bear. The child can become closed, lose his gaiety and optimism, become meticulous and petty — or get sick in the most natural way. Have patience and look for an approach to the baby. It can be a gentle dialogue or an active game. In any case, the child is hungry to feel that he is loved and ready to support.

Gemini Schoolboy

For Gemini to do several things at the same time — not a problem. The result does not suffer. For a schoolboy-boy it is quite normal to do homework, chatting while doing this on the mobile and kicking off the rhythm of your favorite musical composition. At the same time, Gemini can be completely deprived of a sense of duty and any responsibility. It is not uncommon for a child to be late from school, but no one has a clue where he went. The mother falls into a faint and drinks soothing, sits on the phone, putting everyone in the row — and the son at this time quietly studying the article in the magazine bought on the road, sitting on a bench in the park.

It is not uncommon for a representative of a sign to be late — and not for some pathetic five minutes. No, everything is global here — the Gemini boy can easily attend a lesson to the third lesson. Well, or the second if you’re lucky. The reasons for being late can be very different — they caught an escaped puppy, fed a bird with a paw, and hunted for the first spring butterfly. Slobbery in Gemini in the blood, but they adore, so that the surrounding people were extremely precise in their actions.

Predicting the actions of the representatives of the sign is difficult, because they are very impulsive. Learn Gemini can easily, because they grasp everything "on the fly." The memory of the tomboy is also excellent, but very peculiar. The boy will remember the lesson learned exactly until the moment it is required to answer the teacher. After that, the knowledge from his head simply disappears completely incomprehensibly.

Gemini Boys’s Youth

The Gemini is doubtful leader. He gives out ideas instantly, starts a new business "at a time", after which, when everything is spinning at an astonishing speed, he simply washed his hands — interest, along with the fuse, passed, the final result of the project does not matter. But his nature is active, his stamina is astounding — sometimes it seems that the Gemini are made of iron, because they never get tired.

Calm monotonous work is not for them, everything around should boil, boil and change every minute. Is it any wonder that there is no living place in the work record book of this sign? In the professional sphere, Gemini has only two ways — either to constantly improve in the chosen profession, or to look for another job.

Physical work doesn’t attracts Gemini, they prefer occupations related to intellectual activity. But in general, representatives of this sign can literally everything - from them brilliant tailors, hairdressers, or even artisans are obtained. And any fine work, where you need sleight of hand Gemini will perform on "hurray".

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