Gemini Baby

Gemini kid feels comfortable in the world since birth. He carefully peers at the faces of close people, listens to their voices, and it seems that he understands the words addressed to him from infancy. The kid really likes communication, even his crying stops when the relatives talk to him. Gemini-baby will very soon begin to "answer" the speech, blowing bubbles or making a concentrated expression of the face. Typically, a small Gemini starts talking very early - provided, of course, if the parents talked to him constantly. After he has spoken, he can no longer stop, and he will talk incessantly, resentful if they do not understand him yet.

Smiling Gemini is not always calm — he is inclined to be nervous, irritated, he has periods of tearfulness, when he "croaks", even without knowing why. He has fast mood swings, he is inclined to play calmly, smiling at everyone, then suddenly sweep all the toys in front of him and roar in his voice. Growing up, the baby Gemini becomes active to fussiness, it is very difficult to organize, call to order — he will only deal with what he wants without acknowledging anything else. Gemini is very difficult to get used to the order and regime, do not want to clean up the toys and can not concentrate on one activity for a long time. The only thing that can calm the raging baby is caresses and kisses, and strict remarks, spanking will only encourage him to do everything to spite an adult and bring up in him a constant resistance to the parent word.

Gemini kid knows the world very actively, without a moment’s hesitation. Parents should be prepared to constantly remove it from the table, pull it out of the cupboards and catch it when it falls off the benches. Gemini like a variety toys, he prefers bright, interesting options with which you can actively play. Parents should definitely buy a baby logic toys, cubes, to gradually accustom him to classes, to perform some kind of activity, and most importantly — to the compulsory completion of the work begun. Unfortunately, Gemini kids very often differ in that they never finish the beginning, and in school because of this they have big problems, leading to poor progress — and this is with a high mental potential.

Gemini kid has a very rich imagination and a wonderful memory, he well remembers the stories and poems that his mother reads to him. At preschool and school age, he is inclined to fantasize, colorfully describing what happened to him — although this, in fact, was not. The fantasy of Gemini is not a desire to lie, it is an attempt to create for itself a colorful and bright world in which he wants to be, so that it will not be boring; these are the kid’s attempts to decorate the ordinary reality and surprise and please others. Do not scold the child for these fantasies — you only need to turn them into productive channels. For example — together with him to think up tales about his toys. Boredom is unbearable for Gemini, and everything that seems boring to him is rejected — that’s why, in the process of schooling, he suddenly stops performing teaching tasks and being interested in new material. The task of adults is to diversify the activity of Gemini, to be able to interest him with lessons, and then he has all the chances to become diligent and inquisitive pupil.

Gemini Boys

From your Gemini son would be amazing Peter Pan with the agility and brilliance of the mind. And like Peter, he is inclined to test your patience. Gemini-boys play pranks with excitement, which causes both admiration and fury. They run and talk so fast that you always stay behind — the Gemini like it when they try to catch them.

Verbal skills are given to him easily, he has an amazing ability to catch everything that happens around, and also an amazing hearing. In essence, the Gemini are born imitators, amused by their gift: it’s only worth listening to how they are able to entertain adults for hours. Gemini are masters of drawing people’s attention with their wit. This child is able to talk about the most ordinary event so that you will be amazed.

His interests are numerous and diverse: today it is a game of football, and tomorrow — playing the flute. It is difficult for him to dwell on one thing, he is attracted to classes in which other people participate. If this child fidgets and turns on the spot — this is a sign that he is beginning to get bored. Gemini simply can not sit still, if their occupation is not carried away. They are striving for constant mental stimulation — from both the environment and the parents.

Gemini Girls

The Gemini girl is a fairy that captivates you with a huge repertoire of stories and numerous ways of self-expression. It is so funny that you can overlook the fact that thanks to the inquisitive mind it does not admit mistakes and in time notices the dirty tricks. Gemini always notice what is happening right before them, while other people indulge in abstract dreams. Your twin daughter is a collector of information, she needs to know your opinion on any issue: from the personal life of neighbors to the reasons why the Sun hides at night. Her curiosity about the world is inexhaustible.

Gemini is a fickle child. This is a double sign, and it is forgivable for you to consider that two different people are combined in your daughter, because in a flash she turns from an angel into an imp, from a quiet mouse into a confidently stooping elephant, from a playful kitten into an irritable panther. All these qualities are inherent in the character of Gemini; Like a sorceress, the Gemini girl will make you lose her guess.

She likes games that develop thinking, and all kinds of outdoor games. Gemini belong to the number of those children who are able to descend the slope on skis at the age of five. Her mental and physical agility and coordination of movements are excellent, so she is able to master all the subtleties of computer games or to compose a fairy tale literally on the move. Her brain is constantly working, wondering: why, how, when, why? If she has nothing to chew on in her thoughts, she literally suffers hunger and exhaustion. Gemini-girls need abundant food for thought.

Advice for parents of the Gemini-childs

For parents, it is very important to establish warm, trusting relationships with children in early childhood, otherwise, when the Gemini child becomes a teenager, it will be almost impossible to establish contact. Communicate with Gemini is necessary as with equal to themselves, intelligent, understanding people. If you treat condescendingly, underestimate, the child will stop respecting the parents, lose interest in them.

Children of this sign of the Zodiac are stubborn, but in a special way: they do not like open confrontation, but they will find ways not to do what is forced on them. By the way, coercion is not the best method of educating Gemini. He provokes them to lie, and with her this sign has a special relationship.

In children’s years, a lot of children fantasize, come up, and parents should not, having lost their vigilance, miss the moment when dreams begin to turn into a conscious lie. Much better compulsion will work appeal to logic and intelligence. Gemini need to be taught to be thankful, by nature they are not inclined to it. For them physical development has great significance, even if it does not coincide with their interests.

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