Gemini September 2019 Horoscope

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Details, details. Just when you're set and ready to go, you're likely to run into pesky details — or you may miss important details because you're too busy. Either way, remember the key word: details.

Is your work making you tense? You need a safe place to explode. Work out, run in place, do some primal screaming. Just keep your energy clear so you can perform at top capacity.

The solar eclipse on the 1st draws your attention to family matters, and you may have to step in and mediate in a family crisis.

But you're ready to escape from the ordinary with your sweetheart from the 3rd—13th, when exploring your fantasies is the perfect way to let go. But you may feel torn between your obligations, or family can distract you from your intimate aims. Try again on the 23rd, 26th, and 27th, when you may feel less tense and more playful.

Mercury's retrograde from the 1st—10th is filled with all sorts of dilemmas. From unreliable equipment to incomplete messages, you may be ready to give up while your favorite project sits in shambles. But wait; there is hope.

Deal with the distraction of turmoil in the workplace by putting responsibility where it belongs. Take a breather from your pet project, and plan to give it a try when the energy is moving again after the 22nd. The lunar eclipse on the 16th emphasizes any conflict you may have between work and career. Achieving balance may be your only hope, and now you will see possible solutions.

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