Gemini October 2019 Horoscope

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Even though others may be demanding more of your time, you're seeing positive rewards for your participation in cooperative ventures. Concentrate on becoming an equitable partner.

You're feeling competitive and driven, and need an outlet for these energies. But be aware of your personal strengths and limitations before taking risks, and avoid taking a dare just to satisfy your ego.

Power struggles are very real, particularly if you've been embroiled in internal conflict or unspoken disagreement with your partner.

It's time to bring things to the surface and deal with the issues directly. Clearing the air during the Moon on the 1st gives you a fresh start. Letting go of the past makes room for all sorts of future possi-bilities. A renewed feeling of hope emerges during the Moon on the 15th, when your dreams are only a breath away.

At least you know the identity of your enemies or competitors! Your intelligent, cool demeanor, reinforced by strong moral and ethical values, places you on solid footing in any battle.

Your momentum carries you forward and alliances with others who support your aims put you in a solid position of strength from the 5th—21st.

Read the fine print on any contracts, and do not sign them from the 16th—19th. Watch out for turmoil at work during the Moon on the 31st.

Other people, including a partner, can provide the resources you need to deal with the challenges you're facing. But if the challenge is with your partner, you may decide to go it alone.

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