Gemini October 2018 Horoscope

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Your home is the perfect place for a costume party this month. Invite close friends and offer a prize for the most authentic costume. And speaking of disguises, you could dress up as a pair of bookends, a pair of dice, Alexander Graham Bell, or Castor or Pollux. Mercury, your ruler, turns direct on the 20th and social invitations roll in. Near the 11th, finish up a craft or decorating project and on the 28th make contact with someone who owes you an important favor.
On the 10th, the Moon falls in your 5th house of children and pleasurable activities. Make arrangements to attend a cultural opening, art gallery, live concert, or seminar on human relationships. Share life’s pleasures with a child or a loved one and you’ll establish a harmonic base.
On the 1st or 2nd, another person declares love or delivers a marriage proposal. If you’re looking for a commitment you’ve got it. After the 4th, your home area is the place for intimate gatherings. Enjoy cozy dinners in front of a warm fire and add candlelight and music to further set the romantic mood. On the 29th, Venus enters your 5th house of romance and if you’re single and searching, an attractive Libra could be making eyes at you.
On the 23rd, you could be recontacted for a career project. Give this some consideration but remember it may only be a lateral move. Some business competition is good for you around the 29th. Disruptions and changes in your daily schedule occur around the 23rd or 24th. This is a test of your ability to be flexible and to determine if you really like your job.
On the 24th, the Moon falls in your health area. If you’ve been putting on a few pounds, now is the time to shed them. Your enemy may be rich, spicy, or sweet foods. Learn some new eating habits so you can stay in top shape.

2018 Horoscope

Gemini October 2018 Horoscope
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