Gemini November 2019 Horoscope

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Your persistent efforts, coupled with a flexible attitude, allow you to deal with the deeper issues surfacing now. You're ready to address your attachments and release those you have outgrown.

Getting to the core of any physical distress is necessary if you want to experience a true healing. Your emotional responses to physical problems go a long way toward determining the final outcome.

If you've been skimming the surface or avoiding intimacy, you'll feel frustrated with your relationship, or your partner may have had enough.

A truly satisfying love involves physical, emotional, and spiritual closeness, but you must both trust one another with your feelings of vulnerability.

Introspection during the Moon on the 14th is important so you can decide your course of action. By the 15th you're ready to talk about it, and can put workable solutions in place during the Moon on the 29th.

Circumstances surrounding taxes or indebtedness can be difficult, but you're in a good place to confront the problems and take action that allows you to move ahead. Joint finances may be the source of trouble, but only if there are power struggles.

Watch out for the games being played at work, unless you just want to be a pawn.

It's time to dig deep and find out how you really feel about yourself and your life choices. Inner work now frees your soul and heals your spirit. Cry if you have to!

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