Gemini May 2018 Horoscope

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As the month begins, you’re weighing personal decisions. You may be looking into educational programs or investigating ways to improve your memory. Shun crowds and public gatherings near the 22nd. Things could get unruly. On the 31st, Mercury retrogrades in your sign and all the decisions you’ve made this month will be re-evaluated.
On the 15th, the Moon falls in your 12th house of hidden affairs. You could discover a hidden bank account or other financial reserve. Your intuition is stronger than usual and you can make gains if you follow your gut feelings when speculating.
Just when you think you’ve resolved relationships, you find yourself up in the air. When Venus, love’s own planet, retrogrades on the 22nd, you could change your mind about a recent breakup. Don’t attempt to reconcile during the next six weeks. If you act in haste around the 27th you’ll be sorry later.
Avoid making major purchases around the 22nd, especially for beauty or luxury items. Returns are likely because of defective workmanship or a change of mind. After the 22nd, Mars activates your career area and you are a go-getter when it comes to business. The more you push, the greater the return. Ask for a job, promotion, or seek an appointment.
On the 1st, the Moon falls in your 6th house of world and health. Minor health problems are directly related to job stress. Arriving late may be the symptom of boredom with your job. Don’t look for excuses not to face the problem On the 31st, relationships hit another snag. Don’t overreact to your mate’s behavior. Two Moons this month are enough for anyone.

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Gemini May 2018 Horoscope
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