Gemini June 2019 Horoscope

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An honest assessment of your finances can uncover the real problems you're facing. Decide what you really want and begin your plans for the future success and security you deserve. Concentrate on building endurance and increasing flexibility. Look for areas in which you're wasting energy, and focus instead on creating more by getting involved in uplifting recreational activities.

A new love may enter the picture near the time of the Gemini Moon on the 5th, but unless you're available you can send mixed messages that get you into trouble. To avoid stirring up too much trouble, get things straightened out at home from the 1st—19th.

Then, during the Moon on the 20th, make time for a close, intimate en-counter with your sweetheart. Children may play a strong role after the 21st, and can give you an excuse to play. Enjoy yourself! Finances are generally improving, but it's easy to spend beyond your budget, especially from the 17th—29th.

Be careful with joint ventures, since you can be deceived by your own illusions, or be taken for a ride by a smooth operator from the 24th—28th. Even though you're tempted to speculate, tread carefully. Your communicative abilities are enhanced from the 9th—22nd, when writing, correspon-dence or presentations open doors for advancement. Your charm and versatility work to your advantage from the 13th—15th, setting the stage for a successful quest from the 23rd-25th.

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