Gemini July 2019 Horoscope

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Your outlook is optimistic, and confidence levels are high. This is a great time to network with others in your field to build support for your ideas or platforms.

Team sports or fitness classes can be a lot of fun, especially if you're involved in something that excites your enthusiasm. Your overall vitality improves greatly.

With Mars transiting through your solar Fifth House, you're ready for romance and may feel highly confident about expressing your desires.

A new love gains momentum, but you'll also see wonderful changes in an existing relationship if you put effort into it.

Send messages in creative ways to affirm your feelings. Be playful, but watch your vulnerabilities during the Moon on the 19th, when you can set yourself up by appearing coy when you really want closeness.

Double-check financial details from the 1st—6th, when you may overlook or misplace something important. At work, your innovative ideas go a long way toward influencing others and winning new support from the 11th—15th.

Keep things in perspective, because you'll be asked to answer to the more conservative thinkers after the 26th. You can win them over by using models of success from the past and bringing them up to date. Let your ideas show them the future.

Even though you may have a change of heart during the Moon on the 4th, it may be temporary. Give yourself time to become objective before you make a final commitment.

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