Gemini July 2018 Horoscope

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Venus turns direct in your sign on the 4th and you feel charming, gracious and appreciated by friends, neighbors and relatives. On the 21st, Jupiter enters your sign for a 12 month stay further emphasizing opportunity and good fortune in your life. Youll feel optimistic and hopeful about education, legal dealings, publishing, and travel plans.
The Moon on the 13th falls in your 2nd house of money and values. You 11 spend money on items for your home including kitchen gadgets and culinary products. Family members are generous and contribute to your personal fund. Between the 13th to the 27th open up a bank account.
Now that Venus is direct in your sign, romance is easy to come by. You’ll attract an Aries whom you thought was just a friend, a Sagittarius who wants to take you on a whirlwind adventure, and a Leo who may reside in your own neighborhood. An existing relationship is overtaxed around the 10th. You could have words and find that your opinions are diverse.
On the 22nd plan a short excursion with that favorite person in your life.
Finances improve at mid-month, youH feel more comfortable with your economic status. Career activity centers around you from the 8th through the 10th. Take advantage of career opportunities the first 10 days of July. Negotiate contracts around the 18th when your verbal skills and strategic talents are at their best. You can clear all paperwork around the 19th.
The Moon on the 29th falls in your 9th house of travel opportunities. Unexpected vacations could surface, take advantage of these impromptu delights. Initial news from afar is challenging the last few days in July, but don’t overreact—analyze the information.

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Gemini July 2018 Horoscope
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