Gemini January 2018 Horoscope

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As the year begins, you want to expand your intellectual horizons. Thoughts of going on a retreat or taking a sabbatical surface. Even if you can’t physically escape, you can mentally be reading new age books or learning to operate the high tech equipment around you. On the 8th, Mars enters your relationship sector and your partner may act aggressively putting you on the defensive. Transmute this energy into sexual playfulness and watch the energy dissipate!
The Moon on the 19th falls in your area of joint finances or mutual funds. Your partner may get a raise or you may receive a tax refund or insurance settlement. Consider opening a savings account or investing in real estate.
You can make romantic contacts while traveling or be taken in by an alluring voice over the telephone the first two weeks in January. On the 15th, Venus enters your 10th house of career and you could meet a new love at an important gathering. Romance is alive and well around the 25th, but do you really want an involvement with a co-worker or your boss?
Attendance at social functions can deplete your budget. Youll splurge on the best seats or the finest restaurants. Your professional status is enhanced when a fortunate introduction escalates your career the last two weeks in January. A Pisces is kind and generous, but a Scorpio has just the power and influence you’re looking for.
The Moon on the 3rd calls attention to foolish spending. An unexpected domestic expense will teach you to budget more effectively. Borrow from a family member, or use available credit until the crisis is subsides.

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Gemini January 2018 Horoscope
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