Gemini August 2019 Horoscope

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Now is a great time to get things done close to home, or to make changes in your personal environment. Scattering your energy can cause you to miss something valuable right under your nose!

You may scale back on some of your recreational time, and may feel more inclined to finish some projects around the house or work in your garden. Arrange time in your routine for yourself.

Make plans for a parly or family gathering. Getting back in touch with friends or family can be positive for everyone. Just avoid public displays around political or money issues, even if you do still have a score to settle. You may be hungry for a more soulful connection to your partner, or may have desires to share your life with someone whose ideals and beliefs are like your own.

Put yourself in the right place to talk it over during the Moon on the 18th.

Joint finances can be a thorn in your side from the 5th—13th, especially if you're unclear or feel that you've been deceived. Direct conversation about the details on the 3rd and 4th may set things straight. Mercury retrogrades from the 17th—31st, when digging into old history can uncover important information or details that can lead to a better contract or agreement.

You're in a great position for negotiating from the 18th-26th.

Allow time for creative pursuits from the 21st—30th, when you may feel inspired to try something different, opening a new horizon for your self-expression.

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