Gemini 2020 Horoscope

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Life is about change. Embrace this concept and 2020 will bring you exciting adventures and new opportunities for personal and career growth.
Get ready, get set, go! That’s the message of Jupiter, which will arrive in Aquarius, your solar ninth house, January 5. It’s almost guaranteed you’ll pack your bags at some time this year 2020 and probably more than once as adventuresome Jupiter triggers a desire for new spaces and places. Plan a dream trip to an exotic location or somewhere you’ve always wanted to see, or an extended trip to multiple destinations. You could even substitute with a series of long weekends to nearby locations.
Jupiter’s influence goes beyond travel. It will boost your curiosity to the max and motivate you to seek knowledge and to explore other cultures and ways of life. Experience and learn all you can this year 2020 by expanding your mental horizons. Consider taking a class for fun or profit, learn another language, see museum exhibits, talk with people, read, and open your mind to different viewpoints. As you do it all, go beyond information into the realm of knowledge. What you gain from these experiences will in some way benefit your career and your ambitions in the next year.
You’ll discover (or rediscover) your spiritual side as Jupiter moves closer to and eventually meets Neptune (also in Aquarius) in May and December. This planetary duo could also motivate you to return to school for a degree or certification in order to fulfill your dreams.
But the Jupiter-Neptune union can indicate unrealistic goals and wishful thinking as often as it can trigger inspiration and faith in yourself and the universe. So you’ll want to objectively weigh’ the pros and cons of any major decision before you proceed. Also be cautious about taking anyone new at face value, especially a potential business or romantic partner. Be equally careful if you’re involved in a legal situation this year. Check references if you need to hire an attorney and keep all discussions to yourself. Trusting the wrong person could cost you money.
Saturn almost completes its time in Virgo, your solar fourth house of home and family, this year. (It will briefly return to Virgo in the next year.) As has been true since two years ago, when this serious planet entered Virgo, you’ll experience domestic ups and downs, rewards and challenges. And it will continue to be a learning experience in everything from relationships to relatives to the physical space you call your own. The difference this year is you’ll almost complete the journey in preparation for moving on to a new area of focus.
Saturn could prompt you to remodel your home or acquire a new one. Be cautious if you want to purchase a home of your own or are considering a roommate. If you have a home to sell, do that first, and then buy less rather than more in order to keep mortgage payments in the lowest possible range. Do the same if you need a home equity loan to fund improvements. Then acquire the necessary do-it-yourself skills in order to do much of the work yourself; it will cut costs.
Elderly relatives may need your help this year 2020 and you could find yourself handling many daily tasks for them, including managing their financial affairs. This could of course put a strain on your own family, so search for viable alternatives to minimize the impact on all of you.
This Saturn transit can challenge the flexibility of even an ultra-flexible Gemini. But Saturn is only half the story this year. The rest of the chapters will be written by Uranus in Pisces, your solar tenth house, which forms an exact alignment with Saturn in February and September.
You can expect everything from last-minute projects to a sudden job change when Uranus, the ultimate planet of change, is in your career sector. As it aligns with Saturn, you’ll feel stretched thin at times trying to balance domestic and career responsibilities. Be sure to keep your boss informed and ask coworkers to lend a hand when necessary. Above all, though, try not to let your home life interfere with job performance, and vice versa. Your employer will understand—to a point.
You also could relocate for a job, either of your own choosing or at your company’s request. If a promotion or new position is your target, February is possible and September more likely. Before you make any move, however—physical or a job change—be sure it will contribute to your long-term goals, not just your immediate ones. Also thoroughly investigate the desirability and affordability of any new area before you agree to relocate.
Saturn will enter Libra, your solar fifth house, October 29. Although this planet could limit socializing and romance the next few years, it doesn’t have to. It’s really your choice whether to get out and about or not. Chances are, you’ll enjoy seeing old friends more than making new ones and opt for get-togethers that promote conversation and give you the opportunity to really get to know people. Among them could be the soul mate you’ve been searching for, and a romantic relationship could bloom with someone who’s much older or younger than you.
You’ll also want to nurture your creativity in practical ways, such as beautifying your home or garden, or delving into a new hobby that produces concrete results. Because Libra is your sign of recreation, you could begin an exercise program and actually stick with it, or get involved in your children’s sports and other after-school activities. Your children will also be a focal point, and what you teach them now can form a firm foundation for the future.
But your children, entertainment, and leisure-time activities could be an expensive item at year’s end when Saturn will clash with Pluto in Sagittarius, your financial sector. Keep close track of expenses and try to save earlier in the year. Also think carefully before you spend big bucks on electronics and other high-end items, and be especially cautious about investments and games of chance.
Now is a good time to get in the habit of saving far more than you spend because Pluto will spend the next fifteen years in Sagittarius. Although this powerful planet could multiply your wealth during that period, it can also negatively impact your financial health. If you’re the parent of young children, you also should begin saving regularly for their college educations.

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