Gemini 2019 Horoscope

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As we enter this new year, you realize the limitations or deficiencies you may have. Know, too, that you can be more crucially aware of your strengths and can make adjustments in your life to accommodate your real needs. If you feel that you are limited because of a lack of education in a particular area, perhaps this is the time to learn what you need to know! Or maybe you are simply uncertain of your life direction and need to perform a personal inventory. How can you use your versatility to your advantage? In what ways can you become a more effective messenger or bridge builder?

If your birthday occurs from May 22nd to June 6th, new opportunities arise, but you have to open the door! From late August until the end of 2019, Jupiter sextiles your Sun so you can move quickly to achieve the recognition and success you've been hoping to achieve. Use the earlier months of the 2019 to clear away any obstacles so you will be ready to take advantage of this period.

Those of you born from May 26th-June 1st have fresh steps ahead of you. With Uranus quincunx your Sun, you can make adjustments in your life to allow for more positive change. Taking advantage of the technological marvels of our world can bring you some fantastic new opportunities. The January Solar Eclipse boosts this advantage for you. Educational and/or travel opportunities may place you in the role of student and teacher. This is a time of reciprocal action: you get what you give.

You are frustrated by Neptune's cycle if your birth was June 2nd-8th. What you may find most distressing is running out of steam before you complete your projects. Taking care of your physical health is important now. You may simply need to make some adjustments in your life style in order to strengthen yourself.

You can benefit from a defined program of self-improvement if your birthday falls from June 5th-11th. Many of the adjustments you make now will prepare you for some of the challenges you will meet in the next century! Pluto's slow-moving transit through Scorpio forms a quincunx to your Sun this year, signaling a time to be aware of the more subtle energies around you. Be especially aware of completely releasing when you are letting go, whether in relationships or in other areas.

If your birthday falls between June 6th and the 19th, you are confronted with the ways your ego self gets in the path of your own progress. You can be spread too thin and find that this is a period when you have to focus. Or you may be afraid to move toward success, realizing that you need to adjust to increased responsibilities in order to achieve your goals. What really motivates you to act? What are you thinking about?

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