Gemini November 2020 Horoscope

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Work-oriented activities take most of your time, and you can be instrumental in making productive alterations in your work environment. This is a great time to dig into details or make progress with research.
Get to the root causes of your physical distress and seek out direct methods of dealing with problems at their origins. Surface solutions only frustrate the healing process now. Delve into holistic approaches—healing mind, body, and soul.
Since you’re feeling more amorous, you may also attract better responses from your sweetheart. After the Moon on November 7, Venus stimulates greater expressions of love, and you’re ready to experience pure pleasures. Children can also play a special role in your life this month, and may be a true source of joy. Unrealistic expectations can spoil a lovely situation, especially near the time of the Moon on November 23.
Even though Mercury is retrograde from November A to 24, you may still be making significant progress at work. Intensified attention to detail helps offset a tendency to lose track of important information. Financial disagreements can raise their heads after November 14, when you’re probably better off probing into the facts instead of getting into the emotionality of the situation. Contracts fare best after November 28.
After negotiating, reviewing and examining, you’re in a great position to present your ideas to a receptive audience from November 27 to 30.

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