Gemini January 2020 Horoscope

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You begin the year with increasing creativity, and by concentrating on your artistic or expressive talents you’ll more readily accomplish your aims. Getting ahead in your career is also high on your agenda.
Make time to participate in your favorite winter sports or recreational activities, or start the year by actually going to the gym. This is a great month to detoxify and clear your physical energy.
The Moon on January 1 draws attention to your sexual needs and expression. If there’s tension in a relationship, discover why instead of just dancing around it. You’re ready for more enjoyment, play, and a little frivolity. Love is in the air after January 4, when travel can spur a romantic liaison. After January 21 you’re ready for something completely different, but you can appear fickle if you change too abruptly.
Deal with money matters carefully, particularly if they involve partnerships or joint resources. Speculation is promising from January A to 31, and there’s even a surprising turn of events from January 5 through the Moon on January 17, when you’ll be glad you’re an adept juggler. Business travel provides a great chance to share your ideas from January 11 to 28. Publishing and teaching fare best after January 17, and can be especially significant during the lunar eclipse on January 31.
Advertising and public relations offer just the right response from January 3 to 31. Use your imagination, and make an effort to appeal to your target audience in a specific way.

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