Gemini August 2020 Horoscope

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Second thoughts about your priorities are stimulating. Review your philosophical ideals. You may discover that you’re simply not willing to compromise, especially if you ve discovered a fatal flaw.
It’s easy to overdo it or to underestimate a physical challenge from August 1 to 20. Risky situations are best avoided, unless you’re just a glutton for punishment. Concentrate on enhancing your flexibility.
Thinking before you actually blurt out what’s on your mind could save a lot of explaining. Even though you know what you want, someone else may not be ready to hear about it. Use your powers of observation to help you gauge your actions and propositions during the solar eclipse on August 11. A brief vacation with your sweetheart can be quite romantic after August 16, but by the Moon on August 26 you’ll probably want to be safe at home.
This is a tricky time for negotiations, particularly if they involve money. The fine print in the contract tells the story from August 11 to 28, and it’s probably a good idea to read it more than once before you decide to make it official. Conferences and business meetings can end on a sour note if unfair practices lead the way. But you may still have to do some things you just don’t like in order to satisfy your responsibilities.
Define your objectives unless you want someone else to define them for you. Satisfying your obligations will assure that you get on track with the things you really want after August 15.

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