Gemini Monthly Horoscope

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Your ruler moves through three signs this month, suggesting you’re covering a lot of ground. As you enter May, you’re learning who your friends are and who’s in your corner. Not all of this may be easy, but be grateful and you can strengthen friendships that matter.

On May 4, the Taurus new moon - and Mercury entering Taurus two days later - draws you underground to seek a greater reason for your existence. Be open to sudden realizations or weird dreams awakening you to subconscious ideas that prevent you from making progress. These need to be consciously uprooted.

On the fifteenth, Venus joins the sun and Mercury in Taurus and Mars enters Cancer. If you’re wondering where the resources for something will come from, rise above your insecurities. You are worth a lot more than you realize.

On May 18, a Scorpio full moon is bringing sudden changes at work or in your daily routines. The changes you make now can take you closer to manifesting a dream. By the twenty-first, the sun and Mercury return to your sign and meet in conjunction, bringing you to a moment of truth.

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