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Since December 2017, Saturn has been transiting Capricorn, highlighting your deepest bonds, marriage, divorce, financial and sexual partnerships, taxes, death, and inheritances. You’ve had to deal with power struggles and power dynamics, asking you to dig deeper for your values surrounding commitment and learn the importance of boundaries.

Now the sun is in your professional sector and the Virgo full moon aligns on March 9, the same day as Mercury’s direct station. You’ve reached the end of the road in certain cases, but you’re seeing the light, learning your authority in your life. As powerless as you may have felt at times, have faith that a situation is far from hopeless and you’re being liberated. Reflect on your long-term goals as you clarify your personal and professional ambitions. This is the end of a chapter, offering you a chance to rise above insecurities, clear unfinished business, and let go of the past.

Saturn enters Aquarius on the twenty-first (and remains here until July 1). You’re being liberated from a situation in which you’ve been embroiled, in which one door closes and another opens. Over this time, you could be traveling internationally, considering higher education, publishing a book, relocating for work, dealing with legal matters, strengthening international and long-distance relationships, or committing to a spiritual path.

At the highest level, this is a spiritual journey of seeking a higher meaning and purpose in your life. It will mean taking the high road and letting go of power struggles. But avoid judgment of yourself or others, and be true to yourself above all. You don’t know it all, but with humility you can be guided and shown the way to the freedom you seek.

Standout days: 4, 9, 22
Challenging days: 8, 15, 22

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