Gemini Monthly Horoscope

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Take good care of yourself and don't get too carried away during the new moon on November 7. There's always more to do than there's time for. Pace yourself and focus. What you accomplish now will not need to be done again.

On the ninth, the moon conjoins Mercury. Think long and deeply about something important. Mercury turns retrograde on November 16, just after Venus turns direct. Don't be in a hurry to speak before thinking, especially about love.

For the full moon on the twenty-second, see elements of yourself in your partner. Be more generous. You'll be amazed by how much goodwill and affection come back to you. Now go out and be more ambitious together.

Mercury squares Mars on November 26. Analyze, but don't get too critical of yourself. The next day, the sun and then Jupiter conjoin Mercury. Instincts and first impressions could be more useful now.

Standout days: 9, 14, 19
Challenging days: 16, 26

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Gemini Monthly Horoscope
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