Gemini 2018 Love Horoscope

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As mentioned, your love and social life have been undergoing deep and transformative changes for many years now. This process will continue for many more years. In order to transform something, you first have to delve deeply into it – way beneath the surface of things. You need to explore your attitudes, fears and desires when it comes to love. You need to go through the history of your love life, going back to childhood and even further – into past lives. You are beginning to see that it was always you who created your love situation – whether it was good or painful. And once this knowledge is gained, you will see how you can ‘recreate’ a new love and social situation that is more in line with what you really want and need.
Your past pains are merely doorways to deeper knowledge and understanding. They were signals of mistakes made, which can now be corrected.
Many of you are analysing and perhaps overanalysing present relationships. As mentioned, you are as much
concerned with having a healthy relationship as with your physical health. Thus you search for impurities so you can root them out. This is a wonderful trait and will lead to increased happiness both in the present love situation and in the future. But you need to be careful not to overdo this.
Most lovers want to have fun and enjoy the relationship as it is – while you might not even be there with the person, you’re in your mind, analysing and weighing things up. You run the risk of not enjoying whatever you do have.
A current relationship is in crisis, perhaps for this reason. Perhaps there is concern about the health of your spouse, or impurities in the relationship. Work and work demands are also testing the relationship. Many relationships will not make it this year.
True love and commitment will, of course, survive everything. But weaknesses in the current relationship – lots of dirty laundry – are coming out to be dealt with.
In spite of all this, love prospects are bright in the year ahead. There is a method behind the madness – an agenda behind the seeming social chaos. Your Love Planet will change Signs this year. It moves from hypercritical Virgo to romantic Libra. It moves from the 4th House to the fun- loving 5th House. Thus, the trials and tribulations of love are leading to new and happier experiences. Marriages that survive the testing become renewed – almost honeymoon-like. Divorcees find new and good love. The whole tenor and tone of your love life changes – and for the better.
Singles (those who have never married) have the best of both worlds this year. They have many opportunities for either committed or uncommitted love. The choice is theirs. Even if they choose commitment, it will all be very honey- moonish.
Romantic opportunities come close to home, perhaps from or through family members, perhaps with some old flame from the past. When your Love Planet is in the 4th House of the Past, it often brings romance with an old unrequited flame, or with someone who is just like this person -in both appearance and attitude. After September 25 love opportunities will come from the usual places – parties, entertainments, resorts, weddings, or while you pursue leisure activities.
Those working towards a second marriage also have good opportunity in the coming year. Someone of high status – perhaps a boss or supervisor – is coming into the picture. Romantic opportunity comes as you pursue career goals. Your lover is helping your career. Marriage is a powerful career move.
Those working towards a third marriage have a status- quo year.
Children and grandchildren of marriageable age have a status-quo year: singles will tend to stay single and marrieds will tend to stay married.

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Gemini 2018 Love Horoscope
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