Gemini 2019 Love Horoscope

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Both the 7th and 11th Houses are Houses of Power this year, so your love and social life is prominent and important. You are giving it a great deal of attention. Married people are experiencing a prolonged power struggle in the marriage. Something will have to give. This year it seems fortunate for you, as your partner or spouse is giving in and going way out of his or her way to please you. This could change next year, though.

As we mentioned, Pluto in your House of Marriage is going to annihilate bad relationships and totally renew the good ones. The bad ones will continue to get worse until they dissolve; the good ones will actually get better and better under Pluto's influence.

For many of you the marital status will change. Singles will marry and many married people will divorce. Jupiter's entry into your own Sign on 1st July is a classic marriage indicator - though it often produces live-in relationships as well.

Singles need not run after love this year, as love is pursuing them. Early in the year love opportunities come through groups, organizations and friends. People you thought were just friends have more amorous things on their mind. After 15th February love comes through charities, ministries or volunteer activities. Love is idealistic and pure. Your standards are ultra-high and few mortals can live up to them. This is a period for formulating your ideal of love. Love is being arranged for you from the spirit world so there is no need for you to look for it in all the wrong places. Spiritually gifted people - pastors, ministers, gurus, psychics - are playing a matchmaking role during this period. Psychics and astrologers have important love guidance for you.

After 1st July, love starts becoming tangible and real. It will have its ups and downs - and will get tested (perhaps severely so) when Saturn moves into Gemini from llth August to 16th October. This testing is important because before you can manifest your ideals of love, certain old attitudes and fears - both in you and in your lover - must be uprooted. Saturn will take care of this. Just hang in there.

There is an important Saturn—Jupiter conjunction happening this year. This only happens once in 20 years, and is thus very significant for your love life. A whole new social or marital cycle is beginning for most of you. A new love ideal is manifesting.

Your love and social life is unusual now - a year you will remember - as Jupiter behaves very unusually this year. It moves through three Signs and Houses in one year. Normally it moves through one or two. I read this as great social confidence and progress. Much dating and going out. Dating various types of people. Attaining much love and social experience in a short time.

Though you have many needs and urges in love this year (and many opportunities) I feel that the one who serves you best - serves your practical needs - will win your heart over time. He or she may not be as glamorous or as intellectually stimulating as some of the competition, but the urge to serve will carry the day.

Your love and social life will be unusually active from 1st to 24th January, 19th October to 13th November, and 22nd November to 21st December.

Children of marriageable age are likely to marry or have a significant relationship this year. Your parents' marriage (or the marriage of just one parent) goes through some upheavals and crisis - important flaws are being corrected. Siblings have an unstable love life - though neither the heights of rapture nor the depths of loneliness will be long lived. Both states are subject to sudden change.

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