Gemini 2020 Love Horoscope

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This is a very important – perhaps the most important – area of life this year. Your 7th House of Love is a major House of Power. Pluto has been there for many years now and will be there for many years to come. Mars, which usually moves through a Sign in two months, decides to camp out in your House of Love for seven months! Highly unusual. Jupiter, your Love Planet, has been in your Sign for the past few months and will be there until July 13th. Lots of action in love this year. Perhaps many changes as well.

On the surface love looks good. Your spouse, partner or beloved goes way out of his or her way to please you. Serious romance is happening and you don’t have to do much to find it. It finds you. It pursues you. You just have to be yourself and let it happen. You are getting your way in love these days. But you need to be more careful and not unbalanced here. Mars and Pluto in your 7th House show power struggles in the relationship. Weak ones could end. Strong ones will endure.

Your self-esteem and self-confidence are strong these days, but if they get ‘out of whack’ it could de-stabilize your relationship. A healthy self-esteem respects the self and others. If you elevate yourself at the expense of the other, the relationship will suffer.

Sexual passion will be strong in love. But along with this come other passions – such as jealousy, possessiveness, anger. Love will be tempestuous.

For singles, people in the health field or co-workers are especially alluring. You find love at the workplace, the doctor’s surgery or at professional meetings or organizations. A friend might want to become more than that – and this brings some tension.

The friend has difficulty reconciling the two roles of friend and lover.

Part of the problem in love this year can come from too much of a good thing. You are hot socially and have many opportunities and options.

So we’re seeing volatility in love. A present relationship could end and a new one begin. There could be wild ups and downs (unusual) in the present relationship. The side issues of love – passion and tempestuousness – could disrupt the relationship. For singles and for those in their first marriage, it’s no stretch of the imagination to both marry and divorce in the same year.

Things are somewhat (though not very much) more stable for those working towards a second marriage. A second marriage was likely last year and the trend continues this year.

For those working towards a third marriage (and I meet many such people in my practice) Venus’ unusual four- month transit in Aries – from February 2nd to June 6th – brings opportunities.

For the early part of the year love is shown in the normal physical ways – through touch, physical intimacy and personal attention. But later on it will be shown through ‘material’ means – through financial support or material gifts.

Your parents’ love life maintains the status quo. If you have children of marriageable age, February 2nd to June 6th can bring wedding bells. Those of you with grandchildren of marriageable age need patience this year. Their affections are still too unsettled and they can fall in and out of love at the drop of a hat.

The marriage of siblings has been unstable for some years now. This year it looks happier. Single siblings have marriage opportunities now – happy ones. Married ones are happier in their relationships.

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